DCEDC Incorporation Public Announcement

The Regent to All To Whom It Will Concern:

A week ago this Monday, the Dai Council and Myself operating unincorporated as the “Kingdom of Dai” finally were able, despite the current challenges of our day, to incorporate our organization into its proper form as the Dai Colony Economic Development Corporation so as to become a proper 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation, eligible to receive funds from both or members, economic grants, and other donations from our supporters in due course of our mission to create and develop the economy and community of Dai Colony and create, operate, and then spin-off into its own proper educational nonprofits the trade associations to train up the next generation (and others of our own seeking a change of course) in the various work skills needed to be available to build our economy and community.

Whereas the then Dai Council had rightfully postponed requested payment of membership dues and renewal fees to protect them and us from security concerns ongoing in Texas, the now Dai Board has authorized the payment of these fees and dues under the “Dai Colony Economic Development Corporation” application and its version of the RT-11 Form for renewing members of our organization supporting our purpose and its mission. These funds are now needed to establish our organization, begin funding our programs, and to apply for grants needed so as to provide additional funding as well (yes many if not most require application fees).

With all of this said, we now turn our immediate attention upon our own governance. Now operating as a nonprofit corporation we will restructure a few aspects of our governance to function properly as a corporate entity. From within our membership (as directors and officers must be personal members to qualify) we look to expand our governance and will need new and qualified directors and corporate officers to take seats on our new Board. This will be formally established when we have our “initial meeting” in corporate parlance to cement things such as our formal corporate bylaws, founding directors, executive officers, and authorized assistants. Under the law all nonprofit directorships in themselves are unpaid volunteers. Nothing is yet in stone but the following represents the provisional structure:

The Provisional Structure of the Dai Colony Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors:

*Chairman of the Board or Executive Director (Now again officially called the Office of the Rex)

*Vice-Chairman of the Board (now officially called the Office of the Viceroy)

*Board Director of General Economic Development

*Board Director of General Trade Education

*Board Director of Associated Faith Organizations

*Board Director of Associated Social Welfare Organizations

*Board Director of General Housing & Community Development 

*Board Director of Disaster Preparedness & Disaster Response

*Board Director of Community Security & Public Safety

*Board Director of Financial Supervision 

*More will be added as needed and authorized by the Board in due course of business through time)


The Provisional Structure of the Dai Colony Economic Development Corporation Executive Staff:

*President (formally role of Regent- Rex and Regent can be but do not have to be the same person)

*Executive Vice-President (formally role the Duke- Duke and Viceroy can be but do not have to be the same person)

*Vice-Presidents (formally role of the Barons- VPs and Directors can be but do not have to be the same people)

*Executive Assistants, Managers, and Agents (assistants to the Executives as needed in various functions)

*Seargent-At-Arms (formal role of the Marshall- now serves as personal security of the Rex and Chief of Security)

*Secretary (role remains the same as prior organization- serves as Chief Information Officer as well)

*Assistant Secretaries and Clerks (assistants to the Secretary as needed in various functions)

*Treasurer (role remains the same as prior organization- serves as Chief Financial Officer as well)

*Assistant Treasurers and Clerks (assistants to the Treasurer as needed in various functions)


As this is designed to be a membership-based organization of individuals, businesses, and other nonprofit entities all will have voting rights in the election of directors at annual meetings, including the initial meeting upcoming. Officers however are exclusively elected by the Board of Directors. The term length of all Directors of the Board and the Executive Officers are a maximum of up to seven years with a maximum of one term of service. Directors and Officers must be members of the organization to qualify for service in these roles.