Kingdom of Dai FAQ


Who Are the Dai?

The Dai originally began as a neighborhood watch and law enforcement support program serving the “West End” neighborhoods of Beaumont, Texas until 2002 when most of the participants moved to Midland-Odessa and began services in the vicinity. From that time forward the emphasis moved from neighborhoods to the service and protection of religious institutions until many of the participants entered religious studies themselves by 2008 and then began performing religious services as well as performing security services.

In 2011 the Bastrop County Complex Fire called upon many of the participants of the Dai to enter disaster relief services through the churches they served and after the training and experience earned through serving the survivors of the disaster, the Dei Corps was organized in 2012, headquartered out of Ruidoso, New Mexico, and responded to disasters nationwide as a Faith-based disaster response force until 2015 when the disaster response organization ran out of funds and the Board of the Dei Corps dissolved the organization. Shortly before the dissolution of the Dei Corps the Dai were formally introduced to Messianic Judaism by the MJAA, Jews that believe Jesus is the Messiah but still carry on worship in the Jewish form, and in 2016 the newly formed Dai Council adopted this as the official faith of the Dai, many of the participants having a Jewish ancestry.

In 2018, Dai Mission Ministries was founded as an alliance of Messianic, Hebraic, and Sabbath-keeping Christian congregations with the idea of also founding a kibbutz, a Jewish work community grounded in faith, called Shiloh. In 2022, Dai Mission Ministries decided to break from the kibbutz idea and after moving its ministry to the San Luis Valley of Colorado began the process of forming Dai Institute of Shiloh, Inc to take over the kibbutz project and add to it a yeshiva, a Messianic Jewish seminary, as part of its purpose. The Dai Council in response to this move decided to form the business alliance, the Kingdom of Dai meant to be headquartered in Montrose, Colorado, to begin organization of the business aspects of the Dai communities located in the Western Slope of Colorado. Developments continue within the Uncompahgre Valley and the surrounding areas.

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