Regency Group

The pages of this grouping were organizations either owned, sponsored, and promoted by the Regent himself as part of the initial for-profit organizations and companies to build up and prosper the Dai economy and the people through them. Other businesses will be either created to supplement the initial base of companies or invited to join on as members to support the overall economy through the business alliance.

Regency Tax & Bookkeeping Services will perform the tax reporting, financial accounting, and consulting needed to keep the businesses on track and protect the overall health of the economy. Regency Precious Metals & Mining is meant to provide a solid store of wealth through copper, silver, and gold bullion pieces and recently has decided to undertake gold mining to produce precious metals to fashion into bullion. Regency Gardens and Farms produces and sources various agricultural products and fresh produce to ensure food security and supply. Regency General Mercantile will provide the initial general retail market to foster the sale of goods and develop future store concepts for specialty goods. Regency Federal Credit Union will serve the need for a financial institution to facilitate finance and banking functions and safeguard the health and wealth of the people.

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