2nd Quarter Dai Council Meeting (4-7-2024)

To the Directors of the DCEDC, the Dai Council Councilors, and the general Dai public:

April 7th, 2024 @ 2:00 PM MST/ 3:00PM CST, the Dai Council is scheduled to host its 2nd Quarter meeting for 2024 at the Rise & Shine Fuel Coffee Shop located at 520 Hwy 92 in Delta, CO.

This posting serves as the electronic notification for the Directors/Councilors of the meeting. This is the current agenda subject to continuous revisions:

A. Reviewing and approving the minutes from the previous meeting and discussing accomplishments and areas of improvement needed according to those minutes.

B. Formally recognize any new counselors to this Council and recognizing the dismissal or resignation of any by the Council itself or from the member organizations and individuals that represent those organizations. Nominations for addition Barons are to be discussed and voted upon as this new age of Barons continues. Nominations and appointments of Trade Masters and Housing Trust Trustees.

C. Continued discussion upon which location the DCEDC will locate its HQ for the Trade Associations and the Housing Trust to begin preparing our younger generation for their career life needed to support themselves and their future families. San Luis Valley of Colorado eliminated from further consideration. Refocus upon Montrose-Delta & Cortez-Mancos areas. Nucla/Naturita/Norwood area to serve as bridgeway communities.

D. Progress of the operational stati of the Dai Corps of New Mexico and of Colorado disaster response forces. The Texas force has been dissolved due to fraud discovered under the former commander. Discussion of progress of Texas authorities’ investigations of the former commander and his personal force with security incidents reported. Proposal to rename the Dai Corps to its previous generation’s name “Dei Corps” if permissed by Council. The lift of the ban on rifle calibers for the remaining forces continues as well as for Barons’ security and CERT teams.

E. Renewed discussion of incorporating Dai Institute of Shiloh Inc and finding new directors to lead the organization after the stepping down of its sole director Jerod Batte. New proposal of organizing a second ministry for the grounds alongside the Institute called Dai Mission of Shiloh with a mission focus of caring for less fortunate and providing shelter, provision, chaplaincy-based counseling, and the like on the grounds of the Institute as a 501(c)(4) type of organization.

F. Current member organizations are to report to the Council the current state of development of their organizations and their development, including successes and failures and what they plan to do to address them.

G. Discussion of the need of adding future membership outside of the core Dai and Regency businesses and organizations represented. New blood to help guide the Council is needed into the future.

H. Status of the budget and collection made from the RT-11 form submissions and payments.

I. Continued discussion of proposed rent controls: Should the current regime be changed to 1 bedrooms/$750 all bills paid, 2 bedrooms @ $810 no bills paid, and 3 bedrooms or more @ $1015. All prices are on a monthly basis.

J. Review of the Dai Silver Troy value to be reset to $25 for business revenue purposes instead of $22.50 due to inflation and tax accounting compliance necessities. Regency Mint of Orem UT suggests this we adopt this regime to resale Troy at $30 retail and purchase wholesale at $27.50. All runs at the mint close at about $30,000 per new run of bullion including cost of dies. Suggests that Regency Metals and Mining explore smelting and selling of nonprecious metals as well to develop wider customer base into industrial needs.

K. RTBS expresses desire to increase fee discount to 20% if Dai Troy Value does increase causing its fees to increase to counter balance effect of increase. Seeks Council’s blessing and approval to increase fees and discounts.

L. Suggestion to find investors to found and run both the Regency General Mercantile and Dei Corps Disaster Supply stores to prepare area for coming futures.

M. Any other business to be proposed and discussed.

Adjournment of meeting.