Regency Tax & Bookkeeping Services Ltd.

Opening for business in early 2024, the Regent’s original accounting firm — Gen 9 Tax Accounting and Entrepreneurial Services — will return as Regency Tax & Bookkeeping Services Ltd. with partner offices across in the Western Slope and the San Luis Valley of Colorado, an office later on servicing clients in West Texas, and future offices serving the Gilas Region of Arizona and within New Mexico.

Tax accounting partners with EA licensure and financial accounting partners with at least CPB certification are encouraged to apply for partnership under the Regency brand.

While the newly formed accounting firm will provide the initial general bookkeeping, tax preparation, business consulting, and limited CFO services select offices will also take on the role of serving as the “registered agent” for many of the corporate startups until they are able to acquire appropriate business legal counsel to assume the role as the process service agent, if a legal matter arises with one of the startups.


***As of this time, the following price schema has been updated and will be effective after of April 7th, 2024***

Partner offices are expected to follow the same pricing schema and accept the Dai Troy as well. All prices include any sales taxes within them if any which are itemized for client purposes:

  • CFO, Tax & Business Consulting Services: $125.00 per hour (5.00 T)
    • Small Business or Nonprofit Entity Selection Consultation
    • Forms SS-4, 8832, 2553, 1023, and 1024 filings
    • Tax Planning with Revenue, Expense, Capital Outlay, Budgeting, and Forecasting
    • Cost & Cash Flow Management Analysis & Application
    • Business Planning, Process, and Strategy
    • Review and discussion of IRS letters received and responsive actions
  • Individual Tax Preparation Services (Rates include up to two state returns)
    • Simple 1040 Tax Return (W-2, 1099-INT,1099-DIV, 1099-R, SSA-1099)
      • Base Rate: $225.00 (9.00 T)
      • Max 150 clients
    • Complex 1040 Tax Returns with Sch (A, C, D, E, F, H)
      • Additional $125.00 (1.00 T) (per schedule with Sch SE included including Qualifying Joint Ventures)
      • Max 50 clients
    • Dependent 1040 Tax Returns with Form (8867, 2441, 8863) and Sch (EIC, 8812)
      • Minimum Rate $650.00 (26.00 T)
      • Max 50 clients
    • Additional forms and schedules: $125.00 (1.oo T) per hour. Maximum charge of $1250.00 (50.00 T) per tax return
  • Business and NonProfit Tax Returns
    • 990-N Tax Return
      • Base Rate: $225.00 (9.00 T)
      • Max 50 clients
    • Small 1120 or 1120S (Under $250k rev/assets), Small 1065 (Under $250k/$1mil assets) or 990-EZ Tax Returns (under $200k rev/under $500k assets)
      • Base Rate: $750 (30.00 T) plus $125.00 (1.00 T) per hour beyond four hours
      • Max Charge: $1250.00 (50.00 T) per return (typical)
      • Max 10 clients
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting Services
    • General Full Charge Bookkeeping Services
    • Limited unaudited financial statements
      • Payroll services available via outsourced provider.
    • Hourly charge of $100.00 (4.00 T) for general services.
    • Monthly service packages starting at $800.00 (32.00 T) per month available.
      • Maximum 10 client capacity for monthly accounting service
  • CPA Firm Support Services
    • Occasionally CPA firms become overwhelmed and seek to farm out tax returns and bookkeeping work.
    • Regency will perform such express tax preparation and bookkeeping work at a reduced rate to help our fellow accountants push through the workload but place the responsibility of ensuring accuracy upon the firm such as the performance of review work and any necessary minute adjustments before filing since they are more familiar with their clients and filed under their firm’s credentials.
    • Services start at $50 (2.00 T) per hour on a 1099-NEC basis and price depends upon the complexity of the work requested.

This is now the General pricing schema for Regency Tax & Bookkeeping Services Ltd. and its partner offices.

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