PricePoint Exchange

This page is to serve as a table of exchange prices to a variety of project sold in the Dai Silver Troy.  Listed below is a range of prices of various commodities and products converted into their equivalent value of silver over the past five years (as data available allows). The MIN value is the lowest price recorded, the MAX value is the highest price recorded, and the AVG value is the average of all prices available (presumed as the standard price). In the event of a theoretical currency catastrophe, the idea would be for all commodity prices to be set arbitrarily to the MAX price and through the process of capitalistic competition gradually reduce the prices to the standard AVG price as commodity markets stabilize. Again this information should be used as a guide in unstable times to ensure fair pricing in such circumstances. This list is not yet considered complete but is currently being compiled:


Crude Oil (55 gallon barrels)

MIN 2.50T          AVG 3.40T          MAX 4.60T

Unleaded Gasoline (Per 10 gallons- 87 Grade)

MIN 0.90T          AVG 1.10T          MAX 1.40T



Gold (Per Troy Ounce)

MIN 68.40T         AVG 82.50T        MAX 91.85T

Copper (Per 10 Pounds)

MIN 1.60T            AVG 1.80T           MAX 2.10T



Corn (Per In-Ear Bushel)

MIN 0.15T          AVG 0.25T          MAX 0.30T

Wheat (Per Kernal Bushel)

MIN 0.25T          AVG 0.30T          MAX 0.40T

Soybeans (Per Bushel)

MIN 0.55T          AVG 0.65T         MAX 0.75T

Live Cattle (Per Ten Pounds)

MIN 0.50T         AVG 0.60T         MAX 0.70T



As a pricing schema for retailers and for small wholesalers, the British pound was used with various currency denominations within its complicated system of proctoring transactions. Though we agree the new system is much simpler to use in the United Kingdom the various denominations of currencies does provide interesting price points that were used by the retailers of that time to set prices. These are offered here as a review to assist with pricing:

(Note these U.S. Dollar Equivalents are based on merchants accepting One Dai Silver Troy at $22.50 per Ounce)

Old British Pence System Troy Ounce Equivalent U.S. Dollar Equivalent
One penny 0.1 T $2.50
Twopence 0.2 T $5.00
Threepence 0.3 T $7.50
Groat 0.4 T $10.00
Sixpence 0.6 T $15.00
One Shilling 1.2 T $30.00
Two Shillings (One Florin) 2.4 T $60.00
Two Shillings & Sixpence (Half Crown) 3.0 T $75.00
Five Shillings (One Crown) 6.0 T $150.00
Ten Shillings (Half Sovereign) 12.0 T $300.00
Twenty Shillings (One Pound) 24.0 T $600.00


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