Revocation of the DCEDC and Returning to the KoD

To the Dai People & the Public:

It is my duty to inform to you all that the effort to reorganize the “Kingdom of Dai” from an unincorporated nonprofit organization into a proper nonprofit corporation under the 501(c)(6) tax-exempt status has failed and the Corporation that was created to house the Dai Council and our efforts to further the Dai Economy in Colorado has been voluntarily revoked by the Council through the Colorado Secretary of State.

Shortly after the incorporation of the “Dai Colony Economic Development Corporation,” the Council discovered via attempting to draft the Form 1024 of a potential better format under the previously unknown 501(d) tax exempt status for religious communities that could potentially fit the long-term goal of Dai Colony than the 501(c)(6) status previously sought. This caused the remaining Dai Council members to bitterly debate between them and at the end of the debate all remaining Colorado Council members resigned and wanted to inform the Dai public that any further Dai projects in Colorado will be opposed and expressed their desire that further pursuit of any projects should be done in New Mexico or Arizona where the cost of living is much more affordable for a people that “does not nor ever will never have any money.” Upon them taking this stance against the People I myself have decided to accept their advice, now the sole member of the Dai Council enacting a “Defacto regency,” and ordered that the Gilas of New Mexico & Arizona be reexplored for a better place to place our project, as the Gilas was the original intended location for Dai Colony.

We have discovered so far that the cost of rent and real estate has significantly lower over the past couple years since we were last there, though the reason has yet to be determined, and a large plot of land equipped with an airport just due east of Glenwood, NM a few miles off NM State Route 159 has been found and would be potentially suitable for the purpose of founding a small community thereupon. This is now being investigated and vetted for such this purpose. As the 501(d) tax-exempt status is being studied interesting revelations are coming to light of how such a community would operate, and I now agree with others that this format of nonprofit organization better fits the intended structure and purpose of our community. Below is a link to the IRS concerning the 501(d) status for your review and opinion:

Publication 5627 (Rev. 2-2024) (

As I am now the only remaining Dai Council member on the Council after the debacles of this year, I intend to call a public meeting of the People yourselves concerning the future of our community as well as ourselves as the People… the time, date, and place of which I have yet to determine but will announce when I have determined. Suggestions concerning this will be welcomed. The goal now would be to found and operate a nonprofit corporation to be named “Kibbutz Dai Colony, Inc.” under the state laws of New Mexico and/or Arizona and Federally under Section 501(d) of the Internal Revenue Code. Under 501(d) the corporation must be religious in nature, must have members (similar to a credit union), must have a common treasury (bank account or Trust arrangement), and unlike other nonprofits business activities (I’m advocating for greenhouse agriculture and real estate development to start with). Other economic realities to set additional rules are present but not yet set in stone. We all should discuss this at the public meeting. I will be in touch with everyone at a later time. Shalom to you all!

-Regent Benjamin III

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