Dai Institute of Shiloh Inc.

Earlier in 2022 after Dai Mission Ministries decided against pursuing Project Shiloh (in which the Dai Institute Messianic Seminary was meant to be housed), the Regent and the Council eventually ordered the founding of the Dai Institute of Shiloh Inc. with the purpose of the Institute continuing the spiritual mission that Dai Mission Ministries was originally intended for.

In previous generations, the Dai people recognized a spiritual need for a retreat for spiritual purification and renewal. When the Dai encountered Messianic Judaism in the early 2010s, the Dai Council at that time — still operating under the original Dai Corps banner — recognized the need for an institution to preach and teach the true, original understanding of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures based upon the meaning of the original texts in their cultural and historical context and languages. Thus, the idea for the Dai Institute of Shiloh was founded to collect these texts and to provide a means for students to be able to study and discover the Truth within them.

There have been various expeditions and plans for Dai Mission — the original name for what is now called Project Shiloh — since 2008, but new plans and land expeditions based upon the descriptions found within the Book of Numbers chapter 35 are in the process of being drawn up using Scripture as the blueprint for the physical location and layout of the grounds of Shiloh.

After its founding, the Dai Institute of Shiloh, Inc. will be tasked with raising money for the project, drafting the curriculum for future study, acquiring the grounds for the project, and then constructing the initial Union building, housing units, seminary campus, and museum. Despite handing the project off to the Dai Institute of Shiloh, Inc. to relieve itself of the responsibility of pursuing the founding of Project Shiloh.

As of the date October 4th, 2023, the Institute has narrowed its locations to place the campus within the “West End” area of Colorado using a 225 acre plan upon a property proposed for the Institute.


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