Dai Governance

The Dai Council, originally known as the Dai Congress, is authorized to carry up to seventy (70) seats in its assembly via its organizational documents in its role to supervise the development and growth of the Dai economy during the 10th Generation. As of the current time, these seats are organized within committees structured as “Houses” within the Council.

House of the Nobility

Including the “Regent Dai Cour” (President of the DCEDC) formerly known as the “Rex Dai Cour”, Secretary of the DCEDC, and Treasurer of the DCEDC, the House of the Nobility represents the “Barons” (Junior Vice-Presidents over Dai cities and communities) who are charged to protect, oversee, and support the development of businesses and nonprofits of Dai members in their perspective cities and regions and to provide security services as needed to at-risk entities, individual Dai members, and local law enforcement as necessary to maintain the health of the environment of the municipality and/or the region they oversee. All “Barons” report to the “Regent Dai Cour” concerning the health of their perspective areas of responsibility.

House of the Dai Corps

The original Dai Corps founded out of Ruidoso, New Mexico in 2012 was the premiere disaster response force of the Dai organizations of that generation and executed various disaster response and relief missions across the United States. Initially funded by various Christian church denominations, these initial operating funds ran out by 2015. Without further funding from the faith-based organizations that launched the Corps, the 2015 Board of Directors of the Dai Corps voted to dissolve the disaster response force.

In the year 2022, the Dai Council — seeing the need for a competent and capable disaster response force amongst its own populations as well as in the rest of the United States — resurrected the Dai Corps. The new Dai Corps, now operating as a confederacy of current and future state-level corporate organizations in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado carry on the mission of the original Dai Corps with the additional roles of providing poverty relief in its immediate areas of operation. The Dai Corps also works through local political systems to prepare the nation for various disasters, both natural and otherwise, that we may face in the future. The House of the Dai Corps is comprised of the “Board of Commanders” (Board of Directors) over the corporate Dai Corps entities who serve as their Commanding Officers.

House of the Trade Associations

Per the orders of the Dai Council earlier in 2022, a variety of Trade Associations were ordered to be organized for the purpose of providing various work and professional skill sets within the Dai economy, and to provide a means of passing down these skill sets to the future generation entering the workforce. The Masters — retired experts of their trades educating apprentices and journeymen in their perspective crafts — each hold seats on the Council and serve as a Junior Vice-Presidents in the DCEDC reporting to the “Regent Dai Cour” (President of the DCEDC). Though under the corporate banner of the DCEDC for the time being, each of these Trade Associations will become its own individual organization in the future.

House of the Faith

In the previous generation, Dai Mission Ministries was formed for the purpose of creating a spiritual refuge and for Scriptural education for those interested in learning the sacred texts from the original source documents the Scriptures were translated from. In addition to this original purpose, Dai Mission Ministries attempted to foster unity amongst the Messianic Jewish, Biblically Jewish, Hebraic Roots, and Saturday Sabbath-conscience congregations. Realizing this focus would require its Eldership to devote full-time attention to this mission, the Board of Dai Mission Ministries — with the assistance and support of the Dai Council — decided to create the Dai Institute of Shiloh, Inc. to pursue and fulfill the original mission of Dai Mission Ministries. The current seats of this small House only consist of the Directors of the Dai Institute of Shiloh Inc. The Dai Council has recently expressed willingness to allow the entry of pastors of the individual messianic congregations to join this House to represent their needs in the Council and to provide moral and spiritual direction to the entire body.

House of the Economy

The Dai Council intends to create a variety of For-Profit business entities to form a foundational basis for the Dai economy. These initial organizations include Regency Precious Metals & Mining, Ltd.; Dai Security Service; Magneta Technologies, LLC; Regency Tax and Bookkeeping Services, Ltd.; Regency General Mercantile, Ltd.; Dai Housing Trust; and the Regency Federal Credit Union. Each of these businesses founding this House currently holds seats within this House, and new businesses are welcome to apply to join this House and obtain a seat on the Council while they are available.

These are the Houses of the Dai Council as of this time.

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