The Regent’s Address Upon 2nd Quarter Meeting 2024

The Regent of the Kingdom of Dai to our populations within Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas:

Yesterday the Dai Council met in Delta, CO to discuss the state of current affairs within our world and to examine the progress of our endeavors of the year thus far. We express that we are mildly disappointed with the lack of progress compared to what we were expecting. The planned location in Pagosa Springs for incorporation was lost before we could move to secure it though a new location in Delta is currently being examined, no further development on the flag other than its authorization has occurred, the Shiloh project has been put on hold indefinitely due to its leadership resigning abruptly, no housing trustee(s) or trade masters have been recruited despite its authorization, and no local security or CERT teams for local disasters have been organized by the Barons despite being issued the order to do so.

Now as it seems to make these matters worse, we are battling the former commander and his criminal operatives of the former Texas disaster response force after we were suddenly and deliberately attacked shortly after his fraudulent, criminal activities within his organization were discovered, reported, and investigations began by state authorities. Reports of attacks ranging from armed attempted home invasions to drive-by arson strikes throughout West Texas continue to come into the Council- insinuating defeats of our Barons’ attempts to defend their citizens and even defeats by local police authorities who have failed to successfully engage and arrest these criminals. Morale is at an all-time low as reported by our knights trying to hold the line against this criminal outfit hellbent on revenge. Many of our people have come forward asking: What can be done? How can we and our families be safe when those responsible for protecting us and their families are being defeated before their eyes? There are no easy answers for these questions, but it is absolutely clear that help is surely needed to turn this black tide around!

Therefore as opportunities for heroism and valor clearly stand abound for patriot heroes ready to rise and defend their fellow citizens: The order is given to all that can to come forward to join and stand with their Barons and police forces in Texas to turn this situation around so that justice shall prevail! Defend your homes and your families! Be conscience of the system- collect and provide the evidence local police need to prosecute and convict these criminals! And the time has come for investigators to go forth in pursuit into where the criminals reside! Only when the perpetrators are brought to justice will order, peace, and security be restored!

Meanwhile, while all this is ongoing within West Texas, the Council and Colorado members of the Dai will continue to work on what is needed here. New councilors are needed to be nominated and authorized to join our Council, our Colorado disaster response force is currently being organized for future action, to be followed by the New Mexico force, and a proposal to divide the Shiloh project into two organizations for two separate efforts- the original 501c3 to focus on matters of faith and a new 501c4 social welfare organization to focus specifically to providing shelter and provision for our needy on Shiloh’s grounds- has been approved and in need of new directors.

Colorado businesses operating under our membership despite the chaotic environment have reported gains and improvements. We reach out for more new member companies to join us in the Western Slope! The Council has also authorized the launch and focus on two of our core business concepts over the next quarter- Regency General Mercantile with a farmer’s market theme to its offerings and Dai Corps Disaster Supply to provide for the needs of our disaster responders and for disaster preparedness supplies for our general population. In light of these positive aspects ongoing in Colorado the Council chose to raise the business revenue value of the Dai Troy to $25 per Troy, up from $22.50 as previously set, yet it decided against raising rent controls as set forth within the agenda for 3-bedroom residential properties as of this time. The mint in Utah continues in its offer to us that they will still stamp and mint our silver and gold currency rounds for $30,000 for 1,000T amounts of coinage for anyone interested. Please contact the Council through the Regent if interested in purchasing minting run through the mint.

As a final note to close this address, though the RT-11 forms and their contribution payments are technically due at the end of this month, April, as US tax season comes to a close, the Council has decided it best not to press collections of these required contributions until the chaotic situation in Texas comes more to a calm and the Council finally incorporates itself. However, for those who are willing to come forward and freely provide the contribution of their dues before this time, the Council will accept it from your hands with grateful thanksgiving- it is surely needed to advance the Kingdom!

May our God be with us, defend us, protect us, and provide us victory, justice, and mercy in the midst of injustice… may he continue to provide for and prosper us in these trying times!

-Regent Benjamin the III