DCEDC Incorporation Public Announcement

The Regent to All To Whom It Will Concern:

A week ago this Monday, the Dai Council and Myself operating unincorporated as the “Kingdom of Dai” finally were able, despite the current challenges of our day, to incorporate our organization into its proper form as the Dai Colony Economic Development Corporation so as to become a proper 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation, eligible to receive funds from both or members, economic grants, and other donations from our supporters in due course of our mission to create and develop the economy and community of Dai Colony and create, operate, and then spin-off into its own proper educational nonprofits the trade associations to train up the next generation (and others of our own seeking a change of course) in the various work skills needed to be available to build our economy and community.

Whereas the then Dai Council had rightfully postponed requested payment of membership dues and renewal fees to protect them and us from security concerns ongoing in Texas, the now Dai Board has authorized the payment of these fees and dues under the “Dai Colony Economic Development Corporation” application and its version of the RT-11 Form for renewing members of our organization supporting our purpose and its mission. These funds are now needed to establish our organization, begin funding our programs, and to apply for grants needed so as to provide additional funding as well (yes many if not most require application fees).

With all of this said, we now turn our immediate attention upon our own governance. Now operating as a nonprofit corporation we will restructure a few aspects of our governance to function properly as a corporate entity. From within our membership (as directors and officers must be personal members to qualify) we look to expand our governance and will need new and qualified directors and corporate officers to take seats on our new Board. This will be formally established when we have our “initial meeting” in corporate parlance to cement things such as our formal corporate bylaws, founding directors, executive officers, and authorized assistants. Under the law all nonprofit directorships in themselves are unpaid volunteers. Nothing is yet in stone but the following represents the provisional structure:

The Provisional Structure of the Dai Colony Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors:

*Chairman of the Board or Executive Director (Now again officially called the Office of the Rex)

*Vice-Chairman of the Board (now officially called the Office of the Viceroy)

*Board Director of General Economic Development

*Board Director of General Trade Education

*Board Director of Associated Faith Organizations

*Board Director of Associated Social Welfare Organizations

*Board Director of General Housing & Community Development 

*Board Director of Disaster Preparedness & Disaster Response

*Board Director of Community Security & Public Safety

*Board Director of Financial Supervision 

*More will be added as needed and authorized by the Board in due course of business through time)


The Provisional Structure of the Dai Colony Economic Development Corporation Executive Staff:

*President (formally role of Regent- Rex and Regent can be but do not have to be the same person)

*Executive Vice-President (formally role the Duke- Duke and Viceroy can be but do not have to be the same person)

*Vice-Presidents (formally role of the Barons- VPs and Directors can be but do not have to be the same people)

*Executive Assistants, Managers, and Agents (assistants to the Executives as needed in various functions)

*Seargent-At-Arms (formal role of the Marshall- now serves as personal security of the Rex and Chief of Security)

*Secretary (role remains the same as prior organization- serves as Chief Information Officer as well)

*Assistant Secretaries and Clerks (assistants to the Secretary as needed in various functions)

*Treasurer (role remains the same as prior organization- serves as Chief Financial Officer as well)

*Assistant Treasurers and Clerks (assistants to the Treasurer as needed in various functions)


As this is designed to be a membership-based organization of individuals, businesses, and other nonprofit entities all will have voting rights in the election of directors at annual meetings, including the initial meeting upcoming. Officers however are exclusively elected by the Board of Directors. The term length of all Directors of the Board and the Executive Officers are a maximum of up to seven years with a maximum of one term of service. Directors and Officers must be members of the organization to qualify for service in these roles.

The Regent’s Address Upon 2nd Quarter Meeting 2024

The Regent of the Kingdom of Dai to our populations within Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas:

Yesterday the Dai Council met in Delta, CO to discuss the state of current affairs within our world and to examine the progress of our endeavors of the year thus far. We express that we are mildly disappointed with the lack of progress compared to what we were expecting. The planned location in Pagosa Springs for incorporation was lost before we could move to secure it though a new location in Delta is currently being examined, no further development on the flag other than its authorization has occurred, the Shiloh project has been put on hold indefinitely due to its leadership resigning abruptly, no housing trustee(s) or trade masters have been recruited despite its authorization, and no local security or CERT teams for local disasters have been organized by the Barons despite being issued the order to do so.

Now as it seems to make these matters worse, we are battling the former commander and his criminal operatives of the former Texas disaster response force after we were suddenly and deliberately attacked shortly after his fraudulent, criminal activities within his organization were discovered, reported, and investigations began by state authorities. Reports of attacks ranging from armed attempted home invasions to drive-by arson strikes throughout West Texas continue to come into the Council- insinuating defeats of our Barons’ attempts to defend their citizens and even defeats by local police authorities who have failed to successfully engage and arrest these criminals. Morale is at an all-time low as reported by our knights trying to hold the line against this criminal outfit hellbent on revenge. Many of our people have come forward asking: What can be done? How can we and our families be safe when those responsible for protecting us and their families are being defeated before their eyes? There are no easy answers for these questions, but it is absolutely clear that help is surely needed to turn this black tide around!

Therefore as opportunities for heroism and valor clearly stand abound for patriot heroes ready to rise and defend their fellow citizens: The order is given to all that can to come forward to join and stand with their Barons and police forces in Texas to turn this situation around so that justice shall prevail! Defend your homes and your families! Be conscience of the system- collect and provide the evidence local police need to prosecute and convict these criminals! And the time has come for investigators to go forth in pursuit into where the criminals reside! Only when the perpetrators are brought to justice will order, peace, and security be restored!

Meanwhile, while all this is ongoing within West Texas, the Council and Colorado members of the Dai will continue to work on what is needed here. New councilors are needed to be nominated and authorized to join our Council, our Colorado disaster response force is currently being organized for future action, to be followed by the New Mexico force, and a proposal to divide the Shiloh project into two organizations for two separate efforts- the original 501c3 to focus on matters of faith and a new 501c4 social welfare organization to focus specifically to providing shelter and provision for our needy on Shiloh’s grounds- has been approved and in need of new directors.

Colorado businesses operating under our membership despite the chaotic environment have reported gains and improvements. We reach out for more new member companies to join us in the Western Slope! The Council has also authorized the launch and focus on two of our core business concepts over the next quarter- Regency General Mercantile with a farmer’s market theme to its offerings and Dai Corps Disaster Supply to provide for the needs of our disaster responders and for disaster preparedness supplies for our general population. In light of these positive aspects ongoing in Colorado the Council chose to raise the business revenue value of the Dai Troy to $25 per Troy, up from $22.50 as previously set, yet it decided against raising rent controls as set forth within the agenda for 3-bedroom residential properties as of this time. The mint in Utah continues in its offer to us that they will still stamp and mint our silver and gold currency rounds for $30,000 for 1,000T amounts of coinage for anyone interested. Please contact the Council through the Regent if interested in purchasing minting run through the mint.

As a final note to close this address, though the RT-11 forms and their contribution payments are technically due at the end of this month, April, as US tax season comes to a close, the Council has decided it best not to press collections of these required contributions until the chaotic situation in Texas comes more to a calm and the Council finally incorporates itself. However, for those who are willing to come forward and freely provide the contribution of their dues before this time, the Council will accept it from your hands with grateful thanksgiving- it is surely needed to advance the Kingdom!

May our God be with us, defend us, protect us, and provide us victory, justice, and mercy in the midst of injustice… may he continue to provide for and prosper us in these trying times!

-Regent Benjamin the III

2nd Quarter Dai Council Meeting (4-7-2024)

To the Directors of the DCEDC, the Dai Council Councilors, and the general Dai public:

April 7th, 2024 @ 2:00 PM MST/ 3:00PM CST, the Dai Council is scheduled to host its 2nd Quarter meeting for 2024 at the Rise & Shine Fuel Coffee Shop located at 520 Hwy 92 in Delta, CO.

This posting serves as the electronic notification for the Directors/Councilors of the meeting. This is the current agenda subject to continuous revisions:

A. Reviewing and approving the minutes from the previous meeting and discussing accomplishments and areas of improvement needed according to those minutes.

B. Formally recognize any new counselors to this Council and recognizing the dismissal or resignation of any by the Council itself or from the member organizations and individuals that represent those organizations. Nominations for addition Barons are to be discussed and voted upon as this new age of Barons continues. Nominations and appointments of Trade Masters and Housing Trust Trustees.

C. Continued discussion upon which location the DCEDC will locate its HQ for the Trade Associations and the Housing Trust to begin preparing our younger generation for their career life needed to support themselves and their future families. San Luis Valley of Colorado eliminated from further consideration. Refocus upon Montrose-Delta & Cortez-Mancos areas. Nucla/Naturita/Norwood area to serve as bridgeway communities.

D. Progress of the operational stati of the Dai Corps of New Mexico and of Colorado disaster response forces. The Texas force has been dissolved due to fraud discovered under the former commander. Discussion of progress of Texas authorities’ investigations of the former commander and his personal force with security incidents reported. Proposal to rename the Dai Corps to its previous generation’s name “Dei Corps” if permissed by Council. The lift of the ban on rifle calibers for the remaining forces continues as well as for Barons’ security and CERT teams.

E. Renewed discussion of incorporating Dai Institute of Shiloh Inc and finding new directors to lead the organization after the stepping down of its sole director Jerod Batte. New proposal of organizing a second ministry for the grounds alongside the Institute called Dai Mission of Shiloh with a mission focus of caring for less fortunate and providing shelter, provision, chaplaincy-based counseling, and the like on the grounds of the Institute as a 501(c)(4) type of organization.

F. Current member organizations are to report to the Council the current state of development of their organizations and their development, including successes and failures and what they plan to do to address them.

G. Discussion of the need of adding future membership outside of the core Dai and Regency businesses and organizations represented. New blood to help guide the Council is needed into the future.

H. Status of the budget and collection made from the RT-11 form submissions and payments.

I. Continued discussion of proposed rent controls: Should the current regime be changed to 1 bedrooms/$750 all bills paid, 2 bedrooms @ $810 no bills paid, and 3 bedrooms or more @ $1015. All prices are on a monthly basis.

J. Review of the Dai Silver Troy value to be reset to $25 for business revenue purposes instead of $22.50 due to inflation and tax accounting compliance necessities. Regency Mint of Orem UT suggests this we adopt this regime to resale Troy at $30 retail and purchase wholesale at $27.50. All runs at the mint close at about $30,000 per new run of bullion including cost of dies. Suggests that Regency Metals and Mining explore smelting and selling of nonprecious metals as well to develop wider customer base into industrial needs.

K. RTBS expresses desire to increase fee discount to 20% if Dai Troy Value does increase causing its fees to increase to counter balance effect of increase. Seeks Council’s blessing and approval to increase fees and discounts.

L. Suggestion to find investors to found and run both the Regency General Mercantile and Dei Corps Disaster Supply stores to prepare area for coming futures.

M. Any other business to be proposed and discussed.

Adjournment of meeting.

The Regent’s Address Upon 1st Quarter Meeting of 2024

Yesterday the Dai Council met concerning the upcoming year and said goodbye to many members of this Council amid the surfacing of a variety of new issues over the turning of the year.

First we said goodbye to those who have served this Council well in the past year, leaving us three new seats open on the Council. Next, the discovery of issues with our own disaster response force in Texas. Post our meeting the Commander resigned amid these irregularities discovered in his disaster response organization, and now the Dai Corps of Texas is in the process of being disbanded and dissolved. These losses were unexpected, staggering, and leave our people and operations within Texas in a weakened, vulnerable position. Events ongoing upon the border and wars starting across the world in addition to this add to the feeling of vulnerability many have begun to express. Thus the path forward begins to become clear of what needs to be done. It is time to prepare and strengthen ourselves for the immediate future ahead. As one of our Councilors so blunted stated, “We’re already in a Third World War… It’s time for everyone to act like it.”

Thus, in a time such as this, the Council has decided now is time to incorporate itself and place its HQ (the “Throne Room”) in Pagosa Springs, CO. There it can begin taking in resources from economic grants, goodwill donations from outside donors, and contributions from its members to fund various economic grants to business startups, trade education, disaster response teams, and community security services. A crude but functional starting budget to allocate these resources has been developed and put into effect. A newly designed flag to represent the strength of this corporate maneuver has also been adopted going forward… perfection of the final design is currently underway. Work upon organizing the trade associations and the Housing Trust continues with focus upon the Delta, Cortez, and Monte Vista areas for both affordable housing and education for our younger generation. Finding new leadership to continue the development of Shiloh, the community as well as the Institute thereof, will still be a priority. Further development of our disaster response capabilities continues. The Council has authorized the Barons to form and operate CERT teams for their communities, issued a direction to our New Mexico populations, and with the loss of the Texas disaster response force the Council has directed me with the “go-ahead” to dust off my old Commander’s uniform to incorporate, found, and personally lead the Dai Corps of Colorado, Inc. The need for courageous capable men and women of integrity are hereby emphasized, and such men and women are to report to me for duty immediately- Time is of the essence and short for training and preparation for the mission at hand.

In closing of my address, more companies are needed to come forward and join our membership in order to support the economic mission of the Kingdom of Dai. There is heavy emphasis upon food production and distribution, housing development and refurbishing, accounting and financial services, energy production, mechanical and machining, mining and materials, precious metals, and local manufacturing. There is wealth to be created and money to be made! It’s just a matter of getting to work and supplying the demand…

– Regent Benjamin III

1st Quarter 2024 Dai Council Meeting (2-4-2024)

To the Directors of the DCEDC, the Dai Council Councilors, and the general Dai public:

February 4th, 2024 @ 2:00 PM MST/ 3:00PM CST, the Dai Council is scheduled to host its 1st Quarter meeting for 2024 at the office of Regency Tax & Bookkeeping Services Ltd located at 260 Adams Street in Monte Vista, CO 81144.

This posting serves as the electronic notification for the Directors/Councilors of the meeting. This is the current agenda subject to continuous revisions:

A. Reviewing and approving the minutes from the previous meeting and discussing accomplishments and areas of improvement needed according to those minutes.

B. Formally recognize any new counselors to this Council and recognizing the dismissal or resignation of any by the Council itself or from the member organizations and individuals that represent those organizations. Nominations for addition Barons are to be discussed and voted upon as this new age of Barons begins.

  • Erin Kolnowski resignation as Treasurer. Position vacant until otherwise filled.

C. Discuss now that the Council has a willing registered agent for the Council if the DCEDC should formally incorporate as an official nonprofit organization and pursue being a bona-fide 501(c)6 tax exempt organization. RTBS will do so for $400 for year 2024.

  • Proposed Kingdom Seat as either Pagosa Springs, CO or Delta, CO.

D. Discuss the renewal of the kingdomofdai.com website and approve updates of the information upon it.

  • To be discussed and updated as per Council suggestions.

E. Discussion of updating the Dai flag to include golden lions being placed upon the left and the right of the golden star pattern in the center of the flag. The golden strips along the top and bottom of the flag and the deep blue are to be maintained. Updates are suggested by former members of the 6th Gen organization inspired by the Imperial flag that flew over its stations and upon its service vehicles.

  • See draft of flag and either approve or approve updated designs. Draft provided by Dame Angela Dunagan.

F. Discussion upon which location the DCEDC will locate its HQ for the Trade Associations and the Housing Trust to begin preparing our younger generation for their career life needed to support themselves and their future families.

  • Monte Vista, Delta, Cortez, and the Nucla/Naturita/Norwood areas to be locations for Housing Trust units. Trade associations to follow locations for our younger generation. Trade Masters wanted.

G. Organizational statuses of the Dai Corps of Texas, Dai Corps of New Mexico, and the Dai Corps of Colorado disaster response forces. Regulators are requesting the corporate reports on these organizations from all three states.

  • Bid to place Dai Corps of New Mexico in Ruidoso, NM failed. Alternate location proposed for Timberon, NM. Commander for New Mexico and supporting officers needed.
  • Dai Corps of Texas needs to file Form 1023 and 990-EZ for operations.
  • Dai Corps of Colorado proposed to HQ/EOC in Gunnison, CO but Pagosa Springs, CO viewed as viable alternate. Commander needed. Proposal to make the Regent also Commander but currently viewed as conflict of interest by previous Council meeting. Decision requires reversal to proceed with Regent as Commander.

H. Discussion of formally incorporating Dai Institute of Shiloh Inc. as a 501(c)(3) religious organization to formally advance ambitions to build Shiloh as a messianic community and the Institute on its grounds. Again RTBS will serve as registered agent for $400 for year 2024.

  • Curriculum progress made with work with King’s University and the MJTI for a Bachelor’s program in Messianic & Biblical Judaism. Desire for a Bachelor’s in Messianic Chaplaincy also in the works. Director Jerod Batte seeking additional Directors to help organize, incorporate, fundraise, and canonize doctrine of the Dai Institute of Shiloh possibly to be named simply Institute of Shiloh.

I. Current member organizations are to report to the Council the current state of development of their organizations and their development, including successes and failures and what they plan to do to address them.

J. Discussion of the need of adding future membership outside of the core Dai and Regency businesses and organizations represented. New blood to help guide the Council is needed.

K. Budget is to be prepared and presented by Treasurer Erin Kolnowski.

  • Regent Benjamin III will present percentage of revenues budget if exiting treasurer is not available.

L. The use and enforcement of the Form RT-11 and the collection of membership dues from all members beginning 2024 to fund DCEDC/ Dai Council/ Kingdom of Dai Business Alliance operations. This includes use of IRS and legal actions if deemed necessary. Payment of dues assessed to be made preferably in Dai Silver Troy versus U.S. Dollars but U.S. Dollars will be accepted in lieu of Troy. The maximum dues levy amount of $8137 or 325.5T stands.

  • A simpler Form RT-11 EZ recently created to make determining and contributing their amounts for individual members. Business members must use the full Form RT-11 to determine contributions.
  • Members that fail to comply with contributing amounts determined risk being removed.

M. The status of organizing a cheap used vehicle dealership that sells older cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles at or under $9000 price maximum.

  • After making a presentation to the people of the SLV only two people have expressed interest in forming the dealership. Currently insufficient interest in launching project in SLV. Other locations may need to be sought.

N. Discussion of status of world conflicts ongoing and the increasing threat level to the United States.

O. Discuss the application of the proposed rent controls for the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas as $403 @ 1 bedrooms/$750 all bills paid, 2 bedrooms @ $750 no bills paid, and 3 bedrooms or more @ $1016. All prices are on a monthly basis.

  • Potential landlords involved applaud the proposal so far. Suggest this should be applied to the rest of the states. Council to vote on counter proposal after weighing effect on prospective tenants.

P. Any other business to be discussed.

  • Motion by Pres Randy Carrol of Dai Mission Ministries for his organization to leave the Council.
  • Review of the Silver Troy value to be reset to $25 for business revenue purposes instead of $22.50 due to inflation and tax accounting necessities.
  • Motion by Dai Corps of Texas and the Barons to remove ban placed by Council on rifle caliber firearms by security and response teams citing increasing dangers in the security and disaster fields current and forecasted in immediate future. Texas operating environment emphasized.
  • The Regent to be relieved by conflict of interest policy in order to allow him to incorporate and serve as “Regent Commander” for DCCO citing no other qualified individual at this time.
  • RTBS partners requests motion to allow opening of second office in Delta, CO as demand for services appears high where current location not as much as forecasted.

Please make reservation arrangements to be present in person if possible. Lodging is recommended at the Rio Grande Motel located within Monte Vista, Colorado. Video conferencing otherwise is intended to be made available for Councilors that cannot be physically present.

-Regent Benjamin III


The Regent of the Kingdom of Dai to our beloved sons and daughters of the upcoming next greatest generation:

The years have arrived for you my sons and daughters to begin venturing out and establishing your place in the community and the world to come. As you do I provide this good and loving instruction to you to prosper you and guide you so you may avoid the traps and pitfalls that myself, your fathers, and your mothers encountered and were ensnared by while we were young.

Hear me my sons and daughters.

As you go out into the world and begin your careers in this economy know that the money you receive for your labors is not the same money we received years ago when we were young. Over the years it has lost considerable value and will continue to do so as you progress into your destinies. Nonetheless for what value that remains- use it, save it, invest it. Keep your money local until the time comes to move it. Find a good credit union who will not abuse you for your finances. When your time comes to venture out from your hometowns into the surrounding areas and beyond look into larger regional banks that can serve your needs in the areas where your foot trends and maintain access to what you have built up for yourselves.

Right now interest rates are high compared to times earlier- take advantage of this. Invest in Certificates of Deposits offered by your local credit unions and banks and from these begin to build your credit by taking small loans against these and quickly repaying them to prove your worth. After this they will offer you credit cards but beware and know that credit cards had their beginning as “charge cards” which had to be repaid at the end of thirty days. Holders of these “charge cards” began to have difficulty repaying them by the month’s end later on and “credit cards” emerged as a means to help charge card holders spread out debt repayment originally. Though this helped at first they also plunged the less financially disciplined further into debts that no one could repay, thus, they became enslaved to them and the banks that serviced them- do not do this. Remember where credit cards came from and for what purpose they were originally designed- charge cards. Do not allow them to give you more of a “credit limit” than your monthly salaries less you become entrapped by the trap of debt to lure you into servitude. Instead use credit union and bank loans to finance bigger ticket items such as cars, trucks, land, and houses that would be difficult to afford in the beginning since possessing the cash upfront will be difficult to save. Do not tolerate debt for long. Use it sparingly, tactically, and pay it off as quickly as possible as you are able. Whatever you buy and possess- ensure you have good title for it all.

The time will come for you to begin to invest beyond your original Certificates of Deposits in which you began this area of your lives. While interest rates are high move into “Bonds,” government and corporate, which pay you interest for the money lent and bonded to them- eventually interest rates will fall. At that time dispose of them as you are able and invest in other available avenues. Precious metals such as silver and gold serve as a better store of your wealth than cash in the bank. Physically hold these and put them in a protected place such as a bank’s safety deposit box. Begin investing within small local companies and inexpensive rental properties first that could provide local streams of cash to supplement your labors. When you feel it is opportune small investments with larger companies may be well but beware and know in advance that not all of your investments will hold their value. If you become an expert in your area of work experience explore entrepreneurship- seek expert guidance here. Do these things, spread out what you invest to spread out the risk associated with investment, business enterprise success and failure, and the ever-changing economy and you should be sufficiently protected long-term.

Remember to care and invest in yourselves and each other. If one of your brothers and sisters of your generation is ailing or falls upon misfortune do not let them suffer and become lost and desperate. Come to their aid, help them regain their footing, and stand them onto their feet. Thus, in the days if you may falter and fall they help you in return and your Father in Heaven who witnesses bless you even the more. In the beginning take up a trade or two that later in life could become your favorite hobbies. From this pursue formal education and develop your professional and academic intellect. Pursue and develop wisdom so that in the day you become wise you may educate others. Monitor and protect your health- physically, mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually. Use alcohol and medicines sparingly- both are poisons in large amounts. Seek to keep a pure mind and clarity of thought- do not fall into madness. Guard your heart within you and choose to love rather than hate- when you are hurt give yourself time to heal. Remember that the Father is above in the Heavens who watches over you and offers you His love- pray always and study His Word as it was written. He is Spirit thus pray to Him in spirit- you will be heard and He will answer you. For in a time soon in the world to come He will reign and the world which we live in and even ourselves were created by Him- look to the ways He operates in the world.

When we, myself and your parents, were young the world we entered was full of violence and forces greater than us pit us against each other in horrendous wars- those of you who are of the older remember this but those of you who are the younger have only heard of it. Though those days have come to their immediate end, in this brief period of peace we your fathers and mothers fear that even greater wars prophesied are on the horizon and that these same forces will come for you. We prepare a place of retreat for you and later ourselves to escape and save you and us alive when those days arrive as we were instructed to do in such as time as this to run to the mountains in times of trouble. Nonetheless I know some of you who carry your parents’ bloodline will choose to leave and fight- thus become masters of the martial and military arts. When you win your wars come home to us- let us minister to you and ease you into peace as we had to do in our days.

The work of your fathers and your mothers, myself, the Regency, the Council, the Barons, the Associations, the Corps, and the Ministries continues on your behalf to guide you and prosper you in loving care that you live well, succeed, and surpass us in health, wealth, wisdom, and glory.

My sons:

“May the LORD make you like Ephraim and Manasseh, who received the blessing from their grandfather, Jacob, and who led lives honoring to Him. May He also make you like Andrew and Peter, the first brothers to leave all behind and follow Yeshua as the promised Messiah.”

My daughters:

“May the Lord make you like Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah, who were women of faith who endured hardship, showed courage, loved their husbands, and were loyal to the LORD. May He also make you like Priscilla, an able teacher of His Word, and like Mary and Johanna who ministered to Yeshua.”

May you trust the LORD all the days of your life and be ready for Him to use you in great ways even now.

“The LORD bless you and keep you.”

“The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.”

“The LORD lift up his countenance upon you and grant you peace.”

My love and blessing upon you all!

-Regent Benjamin III

Baron Farley’s Address to Midland-Odessa

Today, the 9th of November, 2023, I, JB Dylan Farley, offer my sword ‘Euangelion’ the good news, and accept the nobility title of ‘Baron of Odessa.’

I hereby proclaim that I willingly and willfully seek to establish a strong branch of the Dai Corps in West Texas. I want to bring strong elements of veterans and trade masters of several trade skills and logistics from my home of thirty-nine years to the ranks and fellowship that the Dai stand for. The world is everchanging world, and only by gathering together, following a righteous life, and teaching our skills to the coming generation can we as a people overcome the trials of this world.

I proclaim as of this day that I will seek with all the power that I have to uphold the responsibilities of my title and to further the Dai Corps into a new age.

-Baron J.B. Farley

(Upon this address Baron Farley takes his seat and the Regent stands.)

“As you have said thus do. Build a Gideon-class force of the Dai Corps and teach the younger generation basic skills of safety and community service to the area and when they are ready may they step up to future disaster training in Austin and in Ruidoso. Find trade masters over their trades to assemble the trade associations for the area so apprentices may be trained for the future. May we indeed unite together and overcome the trials of this world.”

“I present to you J.B. Dylan Farley, Baron of Odessa and surrounding vicinities!” – Regent Benjamin the III

The Regent’s Address After Dai Council’s 4th Quarter Meeting

Earlier this week the Dai Council met and discussed the direction the Kingdom of Dai will follow and decided where it will headquarter itself along with our nonprofit members and associated business partners that have join alongside us to build our community, economy, and the future of the Dai… it has formally chosen “the West End,” which is the western part of Montrose County and the northern part of San Miguel County, to concentrate our efforts in building our future! Though the San Luis Valley as well as our other populations in the cities and townships along U.S. 160, the Uncompahgre Valley, the Gunnison Valley, and the Trinidad area will still be important in our future in Colorado and later the Four Corners, we will focus most of our immediate efforts in the Nucla, Naturita, Redvale, and Norwood communities.

For the city of Odessa within our populations within West Texas the Dai Council announces the approval of this generation’s first Baron to be knighted and set over the city! Baron Farley with his experience fighting for our people in previous generations, a very security-conscious personality, and his contacts within the oil and oilfield services industry is the perfect choice to not only establish a protected basis of economic security for Odessa but is a true representative of the people who understands their personal needs. His formal knighting ceremony is being arranged and will be announced when officially determined.

In addition to these developments, the Dai Council unanimously approved the 2024 Revised Decree Orders with a couple minor edits to the language that govern our economic operations as well as our people. With that approval we are now in agreement and ready to proceed forward. We begin the process of seeking out masters and experienced journeymen of the various trades we support to organize the trade associations to begin recruiting, training, and graduating apprentices in the various trades. The Dai Institute of Shiloh has begun drawing up plans for its future campus and its ministry curriculum within the West End, the Dai Corps of both New Mexico and Colorado continue to advance its organizing plans for disaster response, agricultural and gold mining operations have been authorized and set in motion to move forward in the West End, and the Kingdom of Dai now seeks new business members as well as individuals to join our membership and take their place upon the Council. We invite you to join us and help us in advancing the Kingdom for not just ourselves but our children and our future grandchildren as well. Please contact us for details!

Many new openings in the Dai economy and its Council are been created as we speak… the time to get involved has arrived and we will need your participation to move forward. The Lord bless us and keep us; the Lord make his face shine upon us and be gracious to us; the Lord turn his face towards us and give us peace.

-Regent Benjamin III

Regent’s Speech on Behalf of the Dai Corps of New Mexico


August 2017, two years after the original Dei Corps disaster response force dissolved its operations, former disaster response operatives from the Dei Corps were individually called out with other response organizations to the Hurricane Harvey disaster incident in Houston to face the worst disaster any of us had ever experienced in our time of service. There we got to see it all… about the worst a disaster event can get… and how powerless everyone is in the face of mother nature as well as survivors in the grips of human desperation.

We witnessed bodies in the water, authorities intentionally breaching levies to flood entire neighborhoods to save other parts of the city, responders with myself included being fired upon by armed and armored bands of looters with us returning fire against them to defend ourselves and those we were attempting to rescue, and military forces rendering aid to the area even coming under attack. It was nothing short of living through what would have made a blockbuster Hollywood disaster movie.

When the response action cleared up in Houston and the team I came down with went back to Dallas I stayed behind and went over to my old hometown in Beaumont, TX to check on old friends and their families in the area. Though Beaumont fared better than Houston widespread flooding had displaced most of them from their homes into disaster camps that had been pieced together by FEMA and the local authorities. It would be as if divine appointment that I would run into other former Dei Corps responders that also had been called there and together we began working together to provide relief services within the camps and later further rescues and supply runs to others in the surrounding communities of Lumberton, Silsbee, Vidor, Pine Forest, Port Neches, Nederland, and Port Arthur who had cut off by flood waters from reaching out for help. Along the way we would recruit “victim-volunteers,” volunteers who had lost everything in the disaster but still found it within themselves to render aid to others, to join us in our field operations. As September came to a close our response service came to an end and we went back to our homes.

After going through this harrowing experience we realized that had the original Dei Corps responded to this event with the original loosely organized format we were operating under we would have been woefully unprepared for the level of devastation and even the level of danger we would have found ourselves in. Never before had we ever suffered coming under gunfire from those we thought we were there to rescue and care for. This revelation kicked off the process of updating the program that a new disaster response force would operate under; from the structure we would operate under, from the supplies and field equipment we would use, right down to the minute details of a far more comprehensive training program for the future that would better prepare new responders to the harsh realties that exist in today’s disaster field. Thus, the blueprint for a much more modern disaster response force.

Starting 2021 the Dei Corps now operating under the name Dai Corps, Dai meaning “sufficiency” in the Hebrew language and “messenger” in another, began organizing its disaster response forces under direction of the DCEDC. The Texas Corps was first, being in the most demand, under our best Commander who had served as a Captain in the original force out of Ruidoso. Earlier this year (2023) efforts began to organize a Colorado Corp out of the San Luis Valley, the Uncompahgre Valley, and the Gunnison Valey. Though this is a work still in progress, we continue to work though some unique challenges inherit to the local government structure of Colorado, but we hope to complete organization by the end of the year. Now we have returned to the birthplace of it all by invitation of those in our community, Ruidoso, by request to organize the original disaster response force here for New Mexico.

Being the original Commander of the fledgling force that was started here years ago I find it no surprise that I had been called upon to present to you. Sadly, I am in no position to assume command of the new force for New Mexico as I have obligations in Colorado I must attend to. That being said, what I can do is provide to you a general plan to properly organize and prepare this new force for duty, since I’ve already had done this once, now in a world environment never before so chaotic and dangerous since perhaps the days prior to World War II. This is my plan:


  1. LOCATION- I’ve taken the liberty of speaking with now the new owners of A-Secure Indoor Self Storage off of Resort Drive about the possible use of the facility being reused for a second generation of the disaster response force. Like before they are open to this until another, hopefully better location(s) can be found when ready.
  2. DIRECTORS & OFFICERS- Under the laws of New Mexico a nonprofit corporation, which the new Dai Corps of New Mexico must be incorporated under, must find at least three Directors for its future Board, and these specific Officers to serve its corporate needs- a President, an Execute Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer to meet legal requirements. The old Dei Corps used the ranks of Commander, Captain, and Lieutenants to fill these roles corporately as well as on the disaster field. The new Dai Corps could used this same system to start but add Lieutenants specifically for interviewing and arranging training for new recruits, maintenance of organizational property and equipment, and for future outposts within surrounding Counties to support Headquarters.
  3. FILING ATTORNEY & NONPROFIT ACCOUNTANT- I would recommend filing the articles of incorporation using an attorney with the Secretary of State and using a nonprofit specialized tax accountant to write up and file Form 1023 with the IRS to obtain the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status for the disaster response organization. Though the original Dei Corps was a faith-based disaster response organization, I would recommend for legal and grant purposes to file it as a secular organization that carries a Chaplains’ Corp. The Chaplain’s Corp would cover these same faith-based needs as in the past but yet not disqualify the disaster response force from grants that are not available for faith-based organizations. The nonprofit accountant must be familiar with COROS reporting to the New Mexico Attorney General as it will be a requirement for 501(c)(3) organizations such as Dai Corps to make these COROS periodic reports for public oversight.
  4. RECRUITING & TRAINING- Once the Form 1023 has begun the process of being prepared to be filed, begin recruiting recruits for training and begin the training as laid forth in the new program. The new program emphasizes skills and scenario training first before sitting for FEMA ICS training. The ICS courses will serve as the Capstone course to complete basic training.
  5. FUNDRAISING & FILING FOR GRANTS- Once recruiting begins the need for fundraising to acquire donations of financial resources, supplies, disaster supplies, vehicles, equipment, and if possible, property begins to equip these recruits for service. This will require time for these resources to be donated into the organization but once donations come in; ensure that they are used appropriately and that donors are appreciated for their support. Events to raise funds are also a big hit not only for raising money in a fun atmosphere but pulling in recruits as well.
  6. EXPERIENCE- Once there are sufficient trained responders and relief volunteers to conduct a small response, do so. This begins the process of getting the organization itself some field experience and getting some of the green off of the force. Once the force succeeds in the smaller missions our responders will be in better standing with ICs (Incident Commanders) to handle larger disaster events and campaigns.
  7. NEW MEXICO VOAD- Once the disaster response force develops and obtains competency in general disaster service, especially if it identifies a specialty it does exceptionally well, the Dai Corps of New Mexico should apply to join the State VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Assisting Disasters). Once part of the VOAD the disaster response force will be recognized as a fully legitimate and bona-fide organization and will be on the state’s rolls for service when needed. This would complete the rollout of the organization.
  8. RECOMMENDED STRUCTURE- For New Mexico I would recommend the following structure:
    1. COMMANDER- Serves as President and Commanding Officer over the entire disaster response force.
    2. CAPTAIN- Serves as the Vice-President and Executive Officer over the disaster response force. Also serves as the COO or general operations manager and ensures that all aspects of the Dai Corps are operating properly and are ready to roll upon receiving the call to duty.
    3. LIEUTENANT TRAINING- Arranges for and executes the training for new recruits. In the beginning I would recommend new recruits serving within their communities in roles similar to those that they would serve in the disaster field: Providing meals to those in need, emergency housing for displaced families, transporting supplies and equipment, safety, threat recognition, security service, and medical service. Once these basics have been mastered promote these recruits to train for disaster field service- First Aid, Self-defense, IFOC Field Chaplaincy, and the FEMA ICS courses. Those that show the aptitude, interest, or experience promote them to field security, search and rescue, or EMS service training to develop this capability and deploy when it is ready.
    4. LIEUTENANT CHAPLAINS CORP- This officer, a chaplain, will oversee and lead the disaster relief effort of the Dai Corps. There should be sergeants, preferably also chaplains, that oversee smaller teams that operate specifically in proving food supplies and meals, providing emergency shelter in disaster camps, minor non-emergency medical care, chaplaincy-based counseling and grief support services, and camp security services.
    5. LIEUTENANT DISASTER RESPONSE SERVICES- This officer, preferably trained and experienced in law enforcement, rescue, paramedic, and military services, will oversee sergeants and their teams specializing in disaster field security (preferably law enforcement officers), DSAR (disaster search and rescue), and paramedics (various EMT levels).
    6. LIEUTENANT OUTPOSTS- As the Dai Corps grows and has sufficient staff to do so I would recommend that outposts are set up in the surrounding Counties with Lieutenants overseeing teams of the above capabilities. I would recommend against expanding beyond the surrounding counties to prevent overtaxing management resources at command in Ruidoso.
    7. LIEUTENANTS COMMAND OPS- These officers serve as the Secretary and the Treasurer overseeing internal information management and processing of the organization, and financial resource management, accounting, and reporting respectively. Distribution of information to the public and fundraising management would also fall under the domain of these officers and their staff working underneath them.
    8. LIEUTENANT MAINTENANCE- This officer would be responsible for the repair and maintenance of organization’s vehicle fleet and equipment as well as any real property that the organization may rent or own. The Sergeants and teams underneath them would essentially ensure that all vehicles and equipment are at response-ready status at location and at outposts with vehicles. This was not available during the original Dei Corps and the inclusion of such a unit has proven invaluable in Texas Dai Corps.

This would complete the general plan I would recommend to organize and then launch the next generation of the Dai Corps of New Mexico disaster response organization and this would complete my general presentation to you all. Again thank you all for your invitation to present to you all. I am open to any questions you may have and I’ll do my best to answer them… its been a pleasure! Thank you!