The Regent’s Address After Dai Council’s 4th Quarter Meeting

Earlier this week the Dai Council met and discussed the direction the Kingdom of Dai will follow and decided where it will headquarter itself along with our nonprofit members and associated business partners that have join alongside us to build our community, economy, and the future of the Dai… it has formally chosen “the West End,” which is the western part of Montrose County and the northern part of San Miguel County, to concentrate our efforts in building our future! Though the San Luis Valley as well as our other populations in the cities and townships along U.S. 160, the Uncompahgre Valley, the Gunnison Valley, and the Trinidad area will still be important in our future in Colorado and later the Four Corners, we will focus most of our immediate efforts in the Nucla, Naturita, Redvale, and Norwood communities.

For the city of Odessa within our populations within West Texas the Dai Council announces the approval of this generation’s first Baron to be knighted and set over the city! Baron Farley with his experience fighting for our people in previous generations, a very security-conscious personality, and his contacts within the oil and oilfield services industry is the perfect choice to not only establish a protected basis of economic security for Odessa but is a true representative of the people who understands their personal needs. His formal knighting ceremony is being arranged and will be announced when officially determined.

In addition to these developments, the Dai Council unanimously approved the 2024 Revised Decree Orders with a couple minor edits to the language that govern our economic operations as well as our people. With that approval we are now in agreement and ready to proceed forward. We begin the process of seeking out masters and experienced journeymen of the various trades we support to organize the trade associations to begin recruiting, training, and graduating apprentices in the various trades. The Dai Institute of Shiloh has begun drawing up plans for its future campus and its ministry curriculum within the West End, the Dai Corps of both New Mexico and Colorado continue to advance its organizing plans for disaster response, agricultural and gold mining operations have been authorized and set in motion to move forward in the West End, and the Kingdom of Dai now seeks new business members as well as individuals to join our membership and take their place upon the Council. We invite you to join us and help us in advancing the Kingdom for not just ourselves but our children and our future grandchildren as well. Please contact us for details!

Many new openings in the Dai economy and its Council are been created as we speak… the time to get involved has arrived and we will need your participation to move forward. The Lord bless us and keep us; the Lord make his face shine upon us and be gracious to us; the Lord turn his face towards us and give us peace.

-Regent Benjamin III

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