Baron Farley’s Address to Midland-Odessa

Today, the 9th of November, 2023, I, JB Dylan Farley, offer my sword ‘Euangelion’ the good news, and accept the nobility title of ‘Baron of Odessa.’

I hereby proclaim that I willingly and willfully seek to establish a strong branch of the Dai Corps in West Texas. I want to bring strong elements of veterans and trade masters of several trade skills and logistics from my home of thirty-nine years to the ranks and fellowship that the Dai stand for. The world is everchanging world, and only by gathering together, following a righteous life, and teaching our skills to the coming generation can we as a people overcome the trials of this world.

I proclaim as of this day that I will seek with all the power that I have to uphold the responsibilities of my title and to further the Dai Corps into a new age.

-Baron J.B. Farley

(Upon this address Baron Farley takes his seat and the Regent stands.)

“As you have said thus do. Build a Gideon-class force of the Dai Corps and teach the younger generation basic skills of safety and community service to the area and when they are ready may they step up to future disaster training in Austin and in Ruidoso. Find trade masters over their trades to assemble the trade associations for the area so apprentices may be trained for the future. May we indeed unite together and overcome the trials of this world.”

“I present to you J.B. Dylan Farley, Baron of Odessa and surrounding vicinities!” – Regent Benjamin the III

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