The Regent of the Kingdom of Dai to our beloved sons and daughters of the upcoming next greatest generation:

The years have arrived for you my sons and daughters to begin venturing out and establishing your place in the community and the world to come. As you do I provide this good and loving instruction to you to prosper you and guide you so you may avoid the traps and pitfalls that myself, your fathers, and your mothers encountered and were ensnared by while we were young.

Hear me my sons and daughters.

As you go out into the world and begin your careers in this economy know that the money you receive for your labors is not the same money we received years ago when we were young. Over the years it has lost considerable value and will continue to do so as you progress into your destinies. Nonetheless for what value that remains- use it, save it, invest it. Keep your money local until the time comes to move it. Find a good credit union who will not abuse you for your finances. When your time comes to venture out from your hometowns into the surrounding areas and beyond look into larger regional banks that can serve your needs in the areas where your foot trends and maintain access to what you have built up for yourselves.

Right now interest rates are high compared to times earlier- take advantage of this. Invest in Certificates of Deposits offered by your local credit unions and banks and from these begin to build your credit by taking small loans against these and quickly repaying them to prove your worth. After this they will offer you credit cards but beware and know that credit cards had their beginning as “charge cards” which had to be repaid at the end of thirty days. Holders of these “charge cards” began to have difficulty repaying them by the month’s end later on and “credit cards” emerged as a means to help charge card holders spread out debt repayment originally. Though this helped at first they also plunged the less financially disciplined further into debts that no one could repay, thus, they became enslaved to them and the banks that serviced them- do not do this. Remember where credit cards came from and for what purpose they were originally designed- charge cards. Do not allow them to give you more of a “credit limit” than your monthly salaries less you become entrapped by the trap of debt to lure you into servitude. Instead use credit union and bank loans to finance bigger ticket items such as cars, trucks, land, and houses that would be difficult to afford in the beginning since possessing the cash upfront will be difficult to save. Do not tolerate debt for long. Use it sparingly, tactically, and pay it off as quickly as possible as you are able. Whatever you buy and possess- ensure you have good title for it all.

The time will come for you to begin to invest beyond your original Certificates of Deposits in which you began this area of your lives. While interest rates are high move into “Bonds,” government and corporate, which pay you interest for the money lent and bonded to them- eventually interest rates will fall. At that time dispose of them as you are able and invest in other available avenues. Precious metals such as silver and gold serve as a better store of your wealth than cash in the bank. Physically hold these and put them in a protected place such as a bank’s safety deposit box. Begin investing within small local companies and inexpensive rental properties first that could provide local streams of cash to supplement your labors. When you feel it is opportune small investments with larger companies may be well but beware and know in advance that not all of your investments will hold their value. If you become an expert in your area of work experience explore entrepreneurship- seek expert guidance here. Do these things, spread out what you invest to spread out the risk associated with investment, business enterprise success and failure, and the ever-changing economy and you should be sufficiently protected long-term.

Remember to care and invest in yourselves and each other. If one of your brothers and sisters of your generation is ailing or falls upon misfortune do not let them suffer and become lost and desperate. Come to their aid, help them regain their footing, and stand them onto their feet. Thus, in the days if you may falter and fall they help you in return and your Father in Heaven who witnesses bless you even the more. In the beginning take up a trade or two that later in life could become your favorite hobbies. From this pursue formal education and develop your professional and academic intellect. Pursue and develop wisdom so that in the day you become wise you may educate others. Monitor and protect your health- physically, mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually. Use alcohol and medicines sparingly- both are poisons in large amounts. Seek to keep a pure mind and clarity of thought- do not fall into madness. Guard your heart within you and choose to love rather than hate- when you are hurt give yourself time to heal. Remember that the Father is above in the Heavens who watches over you and offers you His love- pray always and study His Word as it was written. He is Spirit thus pray to Him in spirit- you will be heard and He will answer you. For in a time soon in the world to come He will reign and the world which we live in and even ourselves were created by Him- look to the ways He operates in the world.

When we, myself and your parents, were young the world we entered was full of violence and forces greater than us pit us against each other in horrendous wars- those of you who are of the older remember this but those of you who are the younger have only heard of it. Though those days have come to their immediate end, in this brief period of peace we your fathers and mothers fear that even greater wars prophesied are on the horizon and that these same forces will come for you. We prepare a place of retreat for you and later ourselves to escape and save you and us alive when those days arrive as we were instructed to do in such as time as this to run to the mountains in times of trouble. Nonetheless I know some of you who carry your parents’ bloodline will choose to leave and fight- thus become masters of the martial and military arts. When you win your wars come home to us- let us minister to you and ease you into peace as we had to do in our days.

The work of your fathers and your mothers, myself, the Regency, the Council, the Barons, the Associations, the Corps, and the Ministries continues on your behalf to guide you and prosper you in loving care that you live well, succeed, and surpass us in health, wealth, wisdom, and glory.

My sons:

“May the LORD make you like Ephraim and Manasseh, who received the blessing from their grandfather, Jacob, and who led lives honoring to Him. May He also make you like Andrew and Peter, the first brothers to leave all behind and follow Yeshua as the promised Messiah.”

My daughters:

“May the Lord make you like Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah, who were women of faith who endured hardship, showed courage, loved their husbands, and were loyal to the LORD. May He also make you like Priscilla, an able teacher of His Word, and like Mary and Johanna who ministered to Yeshua.”

May you trust the LORD all the days of your life and be ready for Him to use you in great ways even now.

“The LORD bless you and keep you.”

“The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.”

“The LORD lift up his countenance upon you and grant you peace.”

My love and blessing upon you all!

-Regent Benjamin III

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