1st Quarter 2024 Dai Council Meeting (2-4-2024)

To the Directors of the DCEDC, the Dai Council Councilors, and the general Dai public:

February 4th, 2024 @ 2:00 PM MST/ 3:00PM CST, the Dai Council is scheduled to host its 1st Quarter meeting for 2024 at the office of Regency Tax & Bookkeeping Services Ltd located at 260 Adams Street in Monte Vista, CO 81144.

This posting serves as the electronic notification for the Directors/Councilors of the meeting. This is the current agenda subject to continuous revisions:

A. Reviewing and approving the minutes from the previous meeting and discussing accomplishments and areas of improvement needed according to those minutes.

B. Formally recognize any new counselors to this Council and recognizing the dismissal or resignation of any by the Council itself or from the member organizations and individuals that represent those organizations. Nominations for addition Barons are to be discussed and voted upon as this new age of Barons begins.

  • Erin Kolnowski resignation as Treasurer. Position vacant until otherwise filled.

C. Discuss now that the Council has a willing registered agent for the Council if the DCEDC should formally incorporate as an official nonprofit organization and pursue being a bona-fide 501(c)6 tax exempt organization. RTBS will do so for $400 for year 2024.

  • Proposed Kingdom Seat as either Pagosa Springs, CO or Delta, CO.

D. Discuss the renewal of the kingdomofdai.com website and approve updates of the information upon it.

  • To be discussed and updated as per Council suggestions.

E. Discussion of updating the Dai flag to include golden lions being placed upon the left and the right of the golden star pattern in the center of the flag. The golden strips along the top and bottom of the flag and the deep blue are to be maintained. Updates are suggested by former members of the 6th Gen organization inspired by the Imperial flag that flew over its stations and upon its service vehicles.

  • See draft of flag and either approve or approve updated designs. Draft provided by Dame Angela Dunagan.

F. Discussion upon which location the DCEDC will locate its HQ for the Trade Associations and the Housing Trust to begin preparing our younger generation for their career life needed to support themselves and their future families.

  • Monte Vista, Delta, Cortez, and the Nucla/Naturita/Norwood areas to be locations for Housing Trust units. Trade associations to follow locations for our younger generation. Trade Masters wanted.

G. Organizational statuses of the Dai Corps of Texas, Dai Corps of New Mexico, and the Dai Corps of Colorado disaster response forces. Regulators are requesting the corporate reports on these organizations from all three states.

  • Bid to place Dai Corps of New Mexico in Ruidoso, NM failed. Alternate location proposed for Timberon, NM. Commander for New Mexico and supporting officers needed.
  • Dai Corps of Texas needs to file Form 1023 and 990-EZ for operations.
  • Dai Corps of Colorado proposed to HQ/EOC in Gunnison, CO but Pagosa Springs, CO viewed as viable alternate. Commander needed. Proposal to make the Regent also Commander but currently viewed as conflict of interest by previous Council meeting. Decision requires reversal to proceed with Regent as Commander.

H. Discussion of formally incorporating Dai Institute of Shiloh Inc. as a 501(c)(3) religious organization to formally advance ambitions to build Shiloh as a messianic community and the Institute on its grounds. Again RTBS will serve as registered agent for $400 for year 2024.

  • Curriculum progress made with work with King’s University and the MJTI for a Bachelor’s program in Messianic & Biblical Judaism. Desire for a Bachelor’s in Messianic Chaplaincy also in the works. Director Jerod Batte seeking additional Directors to help organize, incorporate, fundraise, and canonize doctrine of the Dai Institute of Shiloh possibly to be named simply Institute of Shiloh.

I. Current member organizations are to report to the Council the current state of development of their organizations and their development, including successes and failures and what they plan to do to address them.

J. Discussion of the need of adding future membership outside of the core Dai and Regency businesses and organizations represented. New blood to help guide the Council is needed.

K. Budget is to be prepared and presented by Treasurer Erin Kolnowski.

  • Regent Benjamin III will present percentage of revenues budget if exiting treasurer is not available.

L. The use and enforcement of the Form RT-11 and the collection of membership dues from all members beginning 2024 to fund DCEDC/ Dai Council/ Kingdom of Dai Business Alliance operations. This includes use of IRS and legal actions if deemed necessary. Payment of dues assessed to be made preferably in Dai Silver Troy versus U.S. Dollars but U.S. Dollars will be accepted in lieu of Troy. The maximum dues levy amount of $8137 or 325.5T stands.

  • A simpler Form RT-11 EZ recently created to make determining and contributing their amounts for individual members. Business members must use the full Form RT-11 to determine contributions.
  • Members that fail to comply with contributing amounts determined risk being removed.

M. The status of organizing a cheap used vehicle dealership that sells older cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles at or under $9000 price maximum.

  • After making a presentation to the people of the SLV only two people have expressed interest in forming the dealership. Currently insufficient interest in launching project in SLV. Other locations may need to be sought.

N. Discussion of status of world conflicts ongoing and the increasing threat level to the United States.

O. Discuss the application of the proposed rent controls for the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas as $403 @ 1 bedrooms/$750 all bills paid, 2 bedrooms @ $750 no bills paid, and 3 bedrooms or more @ $1016. All prices are on a monthly basis.

  • Potential landlords involved applaud the proposal so far. Suggest this should be applied to the rest of the states. Council to vote on counter proposal after weighing effect on prospective tenants.

P. Any other business to be discussed.

  • Motion by Pres Randy Carrol of Dai Mission Ministries for his organization to leave the Council.
  • Review of the Silver Troy value to be reset to $25 for business revenue purposes instead of $22.50 due to inflation and tax accounting necessities.
  • Motion by Dai Corps of Texas and the Barons to remove ban placed by Council on rifle caliber firearms by security and response teams citing increasing dangers in the security and disaster fields current and forecasted in immediate future. Texas operating environment emphasized.
  • The Regent to be relieved by conflict of interest policy in order to allow him to incorporate and serve as “Regent Commander” for DCCO citing no other qualified individual at this time.
  • RTBS partners requests motion to allow opening of second office in Delta, CO as demand for services appears high where current location not as much as forecasted.

Please make reservation arrangements to be present in person if possible. Lodging is recommended at the Rio Grande Motel located within Monte Vista, Colorado. Video conferencing otherwise is intended to be made available for Councilors that cannot be physically present.

-Regent Benjamin III

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