Dai Organizations

The Dai organizations are entities created by the Dai Council for the purpose of facilitating social, economic development, and governance infrastructure for the Dai people to utilize and operate thereby. The vast majority of these organizations are nonprofits that provide services as part of their mission to the Dai people.

The Trade Associations serve a means of educating work skills to students so they may provide valuable services to employers needing their skill sets and later on perhaps found their own companies in the future. The Dai Corps provide disaster response and relief services to the nation when called upon and also provide poverty relief as well as community assistance when not in the disaster field. Dai Security Service is the security force set up to protect Dai communities through security patrols of their communities. Dai Institute of Shiloh is the religious and spiritual heartbeat of the people providing spiritual instruction for those who wish to answer a higher calling of service to our LORD while the newly founded Dai Mission of Shiloh serves to house, feed, counsel, and care for the less fortunate of our populations and set them back to the path of health, wealth, stability, and self-reliance. The Dai Housing Trust is tasked with arranging and providing affordable housing to the Dai people as well as regulating housing prices in general to prevent price-gouging of tenants and home buyers.

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