Dai Security Service

The Regent and the Dai Council, through Decree Order 4, ordered the creation of a security company to provide protection services for its people and assistance to law enforcement agencies interested in utilizing Dai Security Service for preventing criminal activity. This security company will be formed and operated under the laws of Colorado. Plans to expand security operations to Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico are on the books after the security company is formed and operational.

Under the current plan, Dai Security Service is meant to operate with its top officer and president, titled the Marshall, overseeing the entire company operations while junior officers such as Captains and Lieutenants oversee teams of security officers operating in various municipalities. All security officers must train, test for, and pass examinations to receive commissioned security licensure for armed security in order to serve as private security officers under the State of their service Those in possession of valid peace officer licenses will be exempt from these examinations according to their perspective State’s private security requirements. Since most of the company’s operations will be founded initially through their service municipality’s Baron under the DCEDC, most security officers will be knighted under the organization’s Nobility House either by or under the direction of the Regent.

Under Decree Order 4 of the Dai Council each Baron and the Regent are meant to have security forces of ten officers for their perspective cities, regions, and for the organization as a whole. Barons’ security complements are primarily meant to support local law enforcement agencies’ needs, uses, and disposals while the Regent’s security force is tasked with protecting the Regent, the Dai Council, and the DCEDC. Private security clients of Dai Security Service will be provided services as contracted in the due course of business in the future.

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