Regency Farms, LLC

At the Council meeting on 3rd February 2023, the Regent proposed the creation of an agricultural products company to the Dai Council. This agricultural company, known as Regency Farms, LLC and authorized to use the DBA Covenant Gardens, will produce foodstuffs such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, milks, cheeses, and possibly grains in greenhouses and open-air farm settings in the spring and summer growing seasons.

The Dai Council accepted the Regent’s proposal, and more in-depth plans for Regency Farms are currently being discussed. As further development continues concerning this project, materially participant partners interested in participating in supplying necessary capital outlays for land, greenhouses, equipment, and supplies, and seed to launch this project in the Uncompahgre Valley and later in the San Luis Valley.

The immediate plan as of this time will be for the initial project to lease a particular agricultural property recently selected through Anderson, set up a few greenhouses to begin production of select vegetables currently in demand by Anderson, and later in the cooler part of the year into next year switch focus to dairy products until the Spring 2024 season in which more greenhouses will be commissioned and constructed to round out all of the needs of the project. Produce and products will be sold via farmer’s markets, on project produce stand, and through delivery to customers purchasing by the bushel.

As of the Council meeting of July 9th 2023, this project has began working with Region 10 SBDC and the Valley Food Partnership to provide necessary fundings and focus on getting operations started. Local partners in the Uncompahgre Valley and the San Luis Valley are sought to join the farm project company and assist with greenhouse building and growing operations. Valley Food has asked us to focus upon Greens and Salad Produce, Mushrooms, Various Berries, Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Peppers, especially Hatch Green Peppers, and Fingerling Limes. They also request value added items such as Salsas and Freeze-dried items that are also popular for market.  The financial targets are to sell $25,000 worth or more of each item to qualify eventually for the Colorado Commerical Farms License.

Again additional partners and small investors welcome and desired to join and participate.

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