Dai Colony Economic Development Corporation



The first of the organizations to be created will be the Dai Colony Economic Development Corporation with its mission “to Forward the Development of the Overall Dai Economy within the Uncompaghre Valley and Beyond to Advance the Kingdom.” This will house the Dai Council, the future Dai Congress, the Office of the Regent, and the corresponding supporting offices to be created as necessary. The Bylaws of this organization shall include the following:

The Office of the Regent will serve as the President of the organization, supported by an Office of the Secretary and an Office of the Treasurer, all of which will serve indefinite terms until resignation, death, or a recall by the supermajority of the Board which will consist of the Dai Council and/or the Congress who serve indefinite terms until resignation, death, or recall by their organizations representing their seat(s). Each represented organization will be assigned one seat if it is unincorporated and three seats if it is incorporated.


The second of the organizations to be created shall be the Dai Corps of Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Let the purpose be written in its Bylaws as what was written in the original Dai Corps that served during Generation 8: Dai Corps “is Organized for Any and All Lawful Purpose, Including but not Limited to Responding to Disasters and Providing Disaster Relief and Poverty Relief Services Anywhere in the United States of America.

The Dai Corps of Colorado will be headed by a Commander as the Commanding Officer (CO) of the entire force with Commanders serving as Executive Officers (XOs) over each of the operations of the Corps and over large regional bases. Otherwise, Captains and Lieutenants will serve and lead as COs and XOs respectively over their response forces at their assigned locations comprised of enlisted ranks and are responsible for training, equipping, and preparing their units for disaster response call-outs. They are ordered to use the extensive training curriculum developed for their responders.


The third of these organizations to be created shall be the Dai Institute of Shiloh, Inc., to be legally organized to fulfill the ministry’s original purpose of building Dai Mission. The Dai Institute resumes the mission of building Dai Mission — now called Project Shiloh — and the Scripture school that was originally intended. Emphasis upon the original texts and languages of the Scripture are emphasized using the original curriculum until updated by Dai Mission Ministries President Randy Carroll.

The location of Project Shiloh is still being determined, but candidate locations include the Uncompaghre Valley region in Colorado, the Mogollon Rim of Arizona, or the Western Slope of Colorado south of Montrose near Ouray. This decision will be made by the three Elders who will be placed in charge of Project Shiloh: one to lead the school, another to manage the property, and the other to lead and perform worship services and to perform other spiritual ministrations on the grounds at Shiloh. The plan includes the purchase of a 50-acre square plot to place the Institute upon — first with a Union Building upon the grounds as the cornerstone, then with cabins and greenhouses for students and visitors to be added later, then finally with the formal Institute Building housing the Scripture Library, the Messianic Yeshiva, and a Museum to display the history of and the development of the Messianic Jewish faith as the capstone of Project Shiloh.


The fourth of these organizations to be created will be Regency Precious Metals, Ltd. This will be the company responsible for launching the Dai Troy into formal existence and is ordered to mint, produce, issue, sell, and rebuy the silver bullion coinage minted within the Western Slope of Colorado. It shall be an incorporated entity with either all Colorado resident shareholders to satisfy the laws of the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and it will file the S-election with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to become what is termed an S Corporation. The company is ordered to track and publicly report how much bullion it mints and produces as “authorized,” and what it sells to and rebuys from the public as “issued.” An exchange website where public users may trade and exchange bullion as well as buy and sell personal items for either United States Dollars (USD) or Dai Troy as an online marketplace will be set up by Regency Precious Metals, Ltd. as one of the services it will provide.

As part of their roles as Vice-Presidents to the Dai Colony Economic Development Corporation, “the Barons” are required to arrange for the purchase and distribution of 1,000 Troy Ounce denomination minting runs or an entire minting run of all denominations (¼, 1, 10) as part of their appointments to their offices. The company intends to sell Dai Troy to the public through precious metal or bullion coin shops and dealers to further spread the brand and promote the value of physically holding bullion for various purposes.


As part of the creation of Regency Precious Metals, Ltd., the limited entity Dai Security Service will also be created to serve as the security and investigation service for the Barons and the general population as a For-Profit Company. A “Marshal” will be appointed to serve as General Manager for the Company, possessing all necessary security licenses. Underneath the Marshal will be security team leaders who will lead security teams of ten licensed officers who are either contracted by the Barons or are led by the Barons as the leaders themselves under the Marshal. Their primary order is to assist law enforcement in their duties in their perspective cities and regions, but they also may accept service contracts with private parties as clients in due course of their functions as a For-Profit company.


Alongside the creation of Regency Precious Metals, Ltd. will be the joining of Magneta Technologies, LLC to the Dai family of organizations — formerly operating under the House of Nin in Texas — and has a history of developing technologies in the industries of weaponry and armor, tungsten and titanium materials and alloys, mobile power systems, advanced engines & fuels, laser systems, and consumer electronic displays and computer operating systems. Originally a sole proprietorship, Magneta Technologies is now incorporating additional partners to take on bigger and better projects expected to become “must-have” products in the near future.


Alongside the creation of Regency Precious Metals, Ltd. will be the joining and rebranding of the only company owned and operated directly by the Regent, formerly Gen 9 Tax Accounting and Entrepreneurial Services, LLC from Colorado. Per the orders of the Dai Council, the small tax firm will combine with additional partners to form Regency Tax and Bookkeeping Services, Ltd. to provide general bookkeeping and tax preparation services for Dai entities, but it will also take on general clients from the public domain. The main office will be located in Colorado, and through partnership arrangements it will provide additional offices in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.

For Dai entities and new Dai companies arising out of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, these offices are meant to provide the initial registered agent services required for proper, legal incorporation or organization of these entities and companies until these companies locate and retain proper business legal counsel to assume these responsibilities appropriately.


Alongside the creation of Regency Precious Metals, Ltd. will be the creation of Regency General Mercantile, Ltd. to serve as the initial retail general store for the Dai population in the Uncompaghre Valley region intended to provide general hardware needs, grocery and farmers’ market items, and limited alcohol sales within the bounds as ordered by the Dai Council. This will follow the creation of the online marketplace by Regency Precious Metals, Ltd. to provide a brick-and-mortar location for items needed by the Dai population.

Later on, special stores will spin off of the general mercantile store, such as thrift shops, specialty hardware stores, alcohol package stores, and especially Dai Corps Supply, which will service the first responder needs of Dai Corps operatives.

The mercantile will start as an incorporated entity comprised of Colorado shareholders to meet the SEC requirements and will also file for the S-Corp election available through the IRS unless insufficient funds can be raised within the State. In case of such an event, the LLC format will be adopted in order to carry out the founding of this business enterprise.


Alongside the creation of Regency Precious Metals, Ltd. will be the Dai Housing Trust — organized by the Dai Colony Economic Housing Development Corporation — to provide rental housing at affordable rates to tenants with the option to owner-finance properties to first-time home buyers. The plan will be to purchase distressed housing properties, remodel them into habitable housing, and lease and sell them to tenants. Per the orders of the Dai Council, the Dai Housing Trust will honor the rent controls set in motion by their order.


A proposal was recently introduced to the economic plan that an actual agricultural company should be founded and put into operation in response to the increasingly high cost of food in the United States at this time. Thus, an operation has been put into the works to organize the planting and production of vegetable and fruit crops, along with dairy products such as eggs, milks, and cheeses to add supply to the demand for lower-cost, quality produce and dairy products. The sale of products to Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card users is paramount to the success of this project as well as sales to cash buyers.

As further development continues concerning this project, materially participant partners interested in participating in supplying necessary capital outlays for land, greenhouses, equipment, and supplies, and seed to launch this project in the Uncompahgre Valley.


The fifth and final of all the organizations ordered by the Dai Council to capstone the rollout of the Economic Development Plan of the 10th Generation will be the Regency Federal Credit Union. Due to the significant capital needs that would be required for the successful launch of the Dai Council’s plans, the credit union must be created as a full-service financial entity offering checking and savings services as well as credit loans to the population of the Uncompaghre Valley region to promote and grow the Dai economy. The credit union will partner with the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to insure deposit accounts as required by law and will follow the banking regulations of the Dai Council and local, State, and Federal regulators. The credit union will require regular audits in order to satisfy reporting requirements of these regulators and protect its members.

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