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Please browse the properties for rent or lease in the posts below. If you would like to post something for rent or lease, please create a post to list your property for sale using a picture and the format below.

For listers of properties for rent or lease; rent controls are in place due to Decree Order 8 of the Dai Council. These rent controls are enforced by the Regent and the Barons as part of their duties to the Dai people. In short, these controls are the hourly living or minimum wage of the state (or area that enforces a higher minimum wage at a city level) times 2000 hours divided by 3, then divided by 12.

At the time of the passing of Decree Order 8, the calculated maximums would be $750 per month for New Mexico, $801 per month for Arizona, and $801 per month for Colorado properties with the exception of the Denver area which has a specific raised maximum limit to $1,016 per month due to the higher minimum wage of that city.

NOTE: These controls apply directly to the rental of the unit and not to the value of any utilities or any appliances or furnishings installed to the residential unit, which would be a lawful additional charge in an amount reasonable to the rental price of the unit. It is recommended that landlords of properties for rent or lease provide these services, appliances, and furniture to increase the rental value of their units.

Commercial or office properties as well as vacant land acreages are now included in the rent controls. Nevertheless, the system uses a maximum value of $1,016 or 45.15T (Dai Silver Troy Ounce) to enforce Decree Order 8 for residential property.

Landlords must accept either U.S. Dollars or the Dai Silver Troy Ounce as payment. The current exchange rate is $22.50 to 1T (Dai Silver Troy Ounce) for commercial purposes.

Below is the link used to post properties for rent to the Dai Housing Trust’s Facebook Group. Please use this to review any properties available or to post rental properties for viewing:

Dai Housing Trust Rentals | Facebook

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