Regency Precious Metals & Mining, Ltd.

Originally slated as the fourth of the core entities created by the Regent and the Dai Council and the first of their various For-Profit companies, Regency Precious Metals, Ltd. was meant to be the company responsible for launching the Dai Silver Troy Ounce into formal existence and was ordered to mint, produce, issue, sell, and rebuy the silver bullion coinage minted within the Uncompaghre Valley region and Colorado’s Western Slope. After the discovery of gold and other metal deposits in the local area it has been proposed that the company also actively participate in light surface mining of these deposits on claims the company now intends to acquire. If the proposal passes the company name will be changed to Regency Precious Metals & Mining, Ltd.

Meant be an incorporated entity with either all Colorado resident shareholders to satisfy the laws of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and filing the S-election with the IRS to become what is termed an “S Corporation”, the company has had similar problems as Regency General Mercantile has with raising the initial capital for its business project and might well choose the LLC partnership route itself.

However, through its recent arrangement through Regency Mint in Orem, Utah, the company may now be able to execute “pass-through bullion deals” by arranging direct sales between major buyers of bullion runs and the mint while Regency Precious Metals finalizes its business arrangements. While the initial intent was to produce 1,000 Silver Troy Ounce runs of 1/10 Silver Troy Oz, 1/4 Silver Troy Oz, 1 Silver Troy Oz, and 10 Silver Troy Oz bullion pieces for sale and for use in the Dai economy, the current prevailing precious metal market conditions and soaring minting costs have forced the company to drop its 1/10 Troy Ounce “dime” pieces and its 10 Troy Ounce bars, and accelerate plans to introduce the 10 Troy Ounce Copper bars to replace the 1/10 Silver Troy Ounce “dime” pieces and to introduce 1/10 Gold Troy Ounce “dime” pieces to replace the 10 Silver Troy Ounce bars.

As of the last meeting of the leadership a production schedule of 40,000 1/4 Troy Ounce silver pieces, 10,000 1 Troy Ounce silver pieces, 1,000 1/10 Troy Ounce gold pieces, and 250 1/4 Troy Ounce gold pieces be minted, released, and sold into the Dai economy totaling over $1,000,000 in value. Possible releases of 2,000 5 Troy Ounce and 1,000 10 Troy Ounce silver bars as well as 100 1 Troy Ounce gold pieces may also be introduced adding another $750,000 in value if demand warrants production and introduction of these denominations.

The PricePoint Exchange® system will need to be updated to reflect the changes and to add metal exchange rates of 100 Copper Troy Ounces in exchange for 1 Silver Troy Ounce and 100 Silver Troy Ounces in exchange for 1 Gold Troy Ounce. New U.S. Dollar amounts will need to be added to properly exchange U.S. Dollars into Copper Troy Ounces and Gold Troy Ounces. The current exchange rate in PricePoint is $25 to 1T Silver for trades. This does not include the 10% sales premium of retail sales of bullion charged to customers, nor does it include the 10% discount applied against customers selling bullion back to the company. The company still intends to track and publicly report how much bullion it has minted (called the “authorized” amount) and the amount sold to the public and not repurchased as “issued.”

The Office of the Regent, upon appointment to the office of a Baron or Baroness, still requires the appointed Noble to invest in Silver Troy to promote its use and distribute it through sales to other Dai members or through exchanges in the Dai economy. The appointed Baron or Baroness must invest $30,000 into one denominational minting run of Dai Silver Troy bullion.

An exchange website where public users may trade and exchange bullion — as well as buy and sell personal items for either U.S.D. or Troy — as an online marketplace is still in the works. Its functions will be proctored in the meantime on this website.

During the initial conceptualization for Regency Precious Metals, the Regent and the Dai Council recognized that the Founding Fathers created an economy based upon use of a “Silver Dollar” via the U.S. Constitution that has a stable, intrinsic value due to its natural rarity, but is common enough to be used in everyday trading — unlike gold, which is comparatively so much more valuable that small trading for everyday transactions would render it impractical. Unlike today’s U.S. Dollar, this original U.S. Silver Dollar had real value based upon the silver in the coins themselves. The current U.S. Dollar backed by the Federal Reserve is a fiat, debt-based currency which has no actual value behind it and, as shown over the decades, has lost value due to the cumulative mistakes by the Federal Reserve in managing its value. The failure of the U.S. Dollar in its current form is not only theoretical but, evidentially, eventual due to the type of currency.

The Dai Silver Troy Ounce is the backup plan to that eventual failure. Despite the inflation of U.S. Dollars in relation to commodities across the board, silver’s relationship to these same commodities has remained relatively stable and will be even more stable in the darker of economic times to come.

Be prepared with the appropriate means of exchange. Be prepared with the Dai Troy.

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