Help Wanted

Please browse the short-term contractor gigs or the long-term employment opportunities listed within the posts below. If you would like to post a short-term contractor gig or a longer-term employment opportunity, create a post to list your gig or opportunity using the Facebook Group recently created for this purpose. Please use this link to below to access the Posting Group:

Kingdom of Dai Help Wanted | Facebook

NOTE: For listers of contractor gigs or employment opportunities, it should be disclosed that — under Decree Order 2 of the Dai Council — minimum wage and maximum wage rate controls are in place, and these controls are enforced by the Regent and the Barons as part of their duties to the Dai people. In short, the minimum wage or contractor pay rates are $14.42 per hour or 0.65T (Dai Silver Troy Ounce) and the maximum wage or pay rate stands at $31.70 per hour or 1.40T (Dai Silver Troy Ounce). If a higher amount of pay is desired, the Decree requires it to be structured as a salary not to exceed $81,370 per annum or 3,616T (Dai Silver Troy Ounce). Furthermore, it is required that contractors using the nonemployee convention of paying gig workers for services rendered and reported under the Form “1099-NEC” must withhold 28% of the gig contractor’s compensation to prevent income tax issues.


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