Regency General Mercantile

Alongside the creation of Regency Precious Metals Ltd., the Regent and the Dai Council will create Regency General Mercantile, Ltd. to serve as the initial general retail store for the Dai population in the Uncompaghre Valley region intended to provide general hardware needs, grocery and farmers’ market items, and limited alcohol sales within the bounds of Dai Colony as decreed by the Dai Council. Regency General Mercantile will be the foundation for the launch of other smaller specialty boutiques that will spin off from this company, such as the following:

  • Specialty Thrift Boutiques
  • Hardware Stores and other Specialty Supply Boutiques
  • Packaged Alcohol Supply Boutiques
  • Dai Corps Disaster Preparation and Responder Supply Company
  • Farmer’s Market Themed Grocery Store

Regency General Mercantile was originally designed to start as an incorporated entity comprised of Colorado shareholders filing the S Corporation election under the IRS to meet Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) requirements for unregistered corporations. As time passed, insufficient interest from local investors will require the company to be founded as a limited liability company (LLC) under a partnership schema in order to fund it and operate it as a functional business enterprise.

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