Dai Housing Trust

The Dai Council has recognized the lack of affordable housing due to landlords and leasers of available residential property units offering units for rent at unreasonably high rental rates and overcharging tenants for the units they are currently occupying. These rates not only entrap current tenants in unaffordable living situations preventing them from possessing the financial capability to improve their housing situations but also preventing those in need of housing from being able to obtain that affordable necessary housing.

The Council has also recognized that these high rental rates have begun damaging local economies within their bounds by removing and restricting otherwise free income and cash flow from being available for spending amongst small businesses in their local areas, harming profits to business owners, and stifling employment opportunities otherwise available as businesses attempt to control expenses.

To combat this situation, the Dai Council authorized the creation of a Trust for the purpose of acquiring residential housing units, repairing them to habitable condition, renting them to tenants at reasonable rates not to exceed the maximum rates as set forth by the rental controls of Decree Order 8 of the Dai Council, and offering properties for sale to occupying tenants (after completing one year of leasing them at the book value of the property). The Trust would welcome other residential landlords or property owners to join in these efforts as contributors to the Trust or to otherwise compete with the Trust by providing more affordable rental rates for superior rental options to tenants the Trust otherwise cannot yet provide for.

As of the writing of this webpage, the maximum amount of monthly rents as set forth in Decree Order 8 are calculated at $800.00 monthly for Arizona residential units, $800.00 monthly for Colorado residential units, $1,025.00 monthly for residential units specifically within Denver metroplex area, and $750.00 for New Mexico residential units. These rates do not include any utilities, furnishings, appliances, or grounds maintenance services. The value of any said utilities, furnishings, appliances, or grounds maintenance services may be negotiated between landlord and tenant after a good faith estimate of the additional costs to the residential unit’s rental rate.

As of the writing of this webpage, the Council had also amended Decree Order 8 to set a maximum sale price control for any and all residential properties to a maximum sale value of $423,250 per residential unit. The Decree Order now applies this to business properties and vacant land acreage as well.


Below is a brief list of residential property landlords and leasing companies cooperating with the above provisions until the Trust can be formally established. A Facebook Group has been established where perspective tenants and landlords can connect and sellers of real estate can provide affordable options for those ready to purchase a home:

Dai Housing Trust Rentals | Facebook

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