Dai Mission of Shiloh Inc.

Recently ordered to be created on the grounds of Dai Institute of Shiloh or to serve as the grounds housing the Dai Institute of Shiloh shall be the Dai Mission of Shiloh, Inc.

This was meant to be the original purpose of Dai Mission Ministries in the previous generation- to create a refuge for those amongst the Dai population where if the affairs of life took a wrong turn and housing or life in general was lost and needed somewhere to go to rebuild their lives the Dai Mission would have been the place to go to for shelter and for help getting back on their feet. On the grounds were meant to be simple individual housing, clean nutritious food to eat, a calm environment to relax and recover oneself emotionally and spiritually, and occasional volunteer and paid work opportunities from approved employers and organizations who could provide honest work at an honest wage.

The concept was developed under a Messianic Jewish paradigm of thought and design. Become clean physically- no unclean food or inputs, then focus on becoming clean emotionally while resting upon the grounds, becoming clean mentally by refocus on the Torah and its good instruction upon how to live right and the precepts upon why, and becoming clean spiritually through the course of the entire program by prayer and connection through the Holy Spirit, the Father, and His Messiah. No time limits were meant to be imposed upon guests seeking refuge on the grounds- leaving it up to the Father to determine when they were ready to go back into the world properly prepared.

Upon incorporation, the organization will seek to begin raising funds for this cause and project from supporters and donors as well as the volunteer directors and staff necessary to effectively launch the project. The organization seeks to use the 501c4 tax exempt status instead of the typical 501c3 status since its purose is more for social welfare of the people.

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